-Kleya attempts to hack, gets caught, and get shot at a square for public entertainment. meanwhile Danni get slaughtered in the next match, she will not be able to join the Game, or stay in LiFe, so she drops back in RL where she is uncapable of dealing with her physical handicap and she slowly witters away because her parents low-paid factory jobs can cover the expenses.-

Or not…?
Tune back in next friday to see for yourself! (or the next tuesday, or the friday after that, or…)


…factory jobs can’T cover the expenses… *

fail typo

Also, I forgot to mention I love Dannis facial expression, confident and determined, and Kleyas expression in the middle frame.

Your artwork has improved so much, I’m anxious to see how you will draw LiFe or RL now… (we haven’t seen much of trat for a while now).


Ah, so Nice is a Health Boost at the same time! That explains a lot. Makes sense too, it’s a direct counter for the “Take her down in 1 shot” stratagem that many have pointed out would make Nice worthless.


But well she continue to DISAPPOINT his plans?


aaah, so Nice was shifting points away from other stats and into HP, that explains some things.

Tim C

I might have spoke too soon when I complimented Kleya’s restraint. I take back the nice things I said, and instead say, “!&$@^* Kleya, don’t be a selfish git. You will have another chance – Danni won’t.”


Either way, she was being selfish.


Kleya has… Issues. We already knew that, really.


Or! The fans know that Danni is Kleya’s partner, right? Kleya loses, her fans assume it was on purpose to help her friend, she gets massive votes for her altruism, and they’re forced to continue them both…


More than likely, they’ll turn on Danni as the cause of why their ‘hero’ lost.


Yeah, except Keyla doesn’t know that, tries to win now, screws the whole thing up…

Just playnig the cynic 🙂


They weren’t impressed before when she tried to stand up for her friend and do the right/ kind thing. I feel like this society cares more about entertainment than morals and being polite…

Tim C

I’m not so sure. I’d think that she already lost most of the fans who weren’t impressed by her standing up for her friend. The fans she still has are probably of a different sort.

Not to say -anyone- is going to be impressed with her throwing the match. Her fans don’t have any idea about Danni’s situation.


Or, Kleya manages to dodge, whatever stats she normally drains are still up without her special, good luck, decent speed, she may accidently draw the match to the time limit and force the win through a vote.

Tim C

I don’t think it’s going to run to the time limit. More likely, Dr. Grace is going to find some excuse to pull the plug on the match.

“Fair play” isn’t in his vocabulary, and he’s already made up his mind that Kleya’s the one he’s after. If she loses here and doesn’t get into the Game, she’s out of his net.

Olof A

I just love those facial expressions! You really makes the chars come to life! I think I just fell in love with Kleya’s avatar, too d*** cute.


I still think the Bandit will get his fans to vote her in. Cuz he knew for sure before this that Kleya was the hacker they were looking for.


Ah man, you can tell that Kleya is so close to losing her sh@t when it comes to thinking about losing.


I say the best way to improve your art style is working on the action scenes. The more of them you do the better your skills improve.

Aneeka did you use a model or a photo of someone dancing? Danni’s left hand in the second panel is quite unique.