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Since Kleya was winning so easily, Mina and most of her fans started to Watch other fights. Thankfully, she's now about to hit some more challenging opponents!


Random Info: Of the five fights, only two had Specials. The -59 blob succeeded in getting a direct hit and lost shortly afterwards. The -21 blob had the other Special but botched up his attempt and ended up getting a lame hit. He still lost just as quickly.


And the blobs are back! Alas, my brain must be fried because I can't think of anything funny.  If I do, I'll edit this post to let you know of the new incentive.


Heh, Wobuffet STRIKES AGAIN!


Can’t move, a sense of paralysis? Dexterity damage maybe?

I was just talking about the blobs to someone in TOR the other day! They have a new breed of sub-NPC that are just kind of there. No names, you can’t click on them, they don’t speak or make noise… It seems so very sad to be /so trivial/ you can’t even manage to be clickable in an online game. I spent a while fantasizing about them rising up against the devs demanding full equality with at least the NPCs! I mean, they get nothing. In a world where people are pasted in with the name ‘Republic Citizen’, these guys… Read more »

at least now we know the pink number is something else, probably strength damaging or something



Nice and powerful that Special.

Wonder if it would attack her if she attacked someone. There has to be a negative side to something that powerful.


Looks like Kleya has more than 50hp, despite speculation to the contrary. I sure hope Bloody Mary puts up a good fight.


This is an interesting turn. I was under the impression Kleya was actually Bloody Mary, and that’s why she was in hiding. Maybe I’m right, or maybe things are about to get a lot trickier…

Tim C

Almost definitely not. Bloody Mary seems to have been a legitimate player – she had a group, and it was a huge surprise when she turned on them.

Also, Kleya’s been in hiding for longer than Bloody Mary has been out of the Game.


Right, now we can move on to the people who are actually smart enough to listen to the ‘Huge Smily in the Sky’, and can find ways around it.

Also, I like the ‘superior’ look on Kleyas face, and she gets bonus points for the little wave-hand.

Tim C

I think at this point, the fans Kleya has are of a very particular breed. Her fights aren’t very impressive to watch, but they are very one-sided. Anyone who’s still with her probably appreciates her “I’m here to win and I don’t care about you” attitude.

…Except her sponsor, of course. Her sponsor is probably really irritated that her special is is anticlimactic.


If the sponsor is mad about her rampaging through the brackets, then this universe is REALLY screwed up beyond all reason.


yea its most likely that “nice” sends all dmg done too a player is given to the other player + dmg to an stat, which i believe is agility, since it seems like the opponent can move afterwards and she has been making an agility based special for Danni and you tend to be inspired by things your doing.

and i think even – 21 to a stat would hurt a lot because it seemed like having 20 in sight was crazy much for bandit.

Also, it might not just be inspiration by coincidence. Remember what Kleya told Danni back when Danni first asked for that Special after Danni gave the only requirement – Kleya cannot make a special for Danni that she herself can’t beat, because then she’ll know what the Special is, how it works, and by extension, how to beat or bypass it. Then, when she enters the tournament, she says explicitly that she needs Nice to win. She’s not talking about the Bandit or any other tourney participants there, especially since the only opponent she really knew going in (as far… Read more »
Surprising that 42 damage was enough to defeat the one guy, but 59 damage wasn’t enough to defeat Kleya, especially since she was so worried about the knight guy killing her in two hits, and one hit did 28 damage (not counting the 4 being shoulder checked). Seems to me she actually toed a very fine line with both of those fights, nearly dying in the high damage one, and nearly not doing enough counter damage in the low damage one. I know different people have different stats and thus likely different HP, but that’s still impressive. Also, I’m sure… Read more »
Tim C

It’s not 42 damage. The second number (in pink rather than red) is stat drain. Likely to Speed, if her victims are unable to move afterwards.

So it’s 21 damage (to health) and 21 stat drain. Since stats operate on a different scale than hit points do (20 sight was a lot, but 120 health is not much), this seems like Kleya’s found a loophole in the rules that will probably get patched away if TENka cares about game balance.


Uh,oh… Could it be someone has discovered the counter special to ‘Be Nice’?

Just getting my head around this a little. Kleya is in the quarter-finals of the loser’s bracket, that means there’s still 3 sets of matches to go (quarter-, semi-, and final). Up on the winner’s bracket, this means there’s 8 people left, so does that mean there’s only 4 people left in the loser’s bracket? for 12 remaining players total? Since someone who loses in the winner’s bracket drops down to the loser’s bracket, so like, Kleya is about to fight someone who lost a winner’s bracket quarter-final? Or does the final match refer to the winner of the winner’s… Read more »

Guys, I think the second negative number is a secondary hit, as in, the damage done to Katv8 gets returned doubled. Why it kills sometimes with minimal damage I don’t know. Possibly because of low stats on their part?


I don’t think the low damage hits are lethal. Its more likely Kleya figured out how much HP her opponents had in relation to their attack power and softened them up a bit in anticipation for the counter or something.

Tim C

No, the second number is almost definitely a stat drain. Her opponents are being rendered immobile (speed = 0?) – not knocked out.

Kleya doesn’t need to soften them up, because she’s not targeting their HP.


congrats you in second place on the 100 right behind goblins!

i really love this comic it dies remind me of dl from the time i used to play it till i got this super crappy computer that cant even run it now, and i discovered this comic a year ago.

i like how the dragon is entity of its own for the most part

Tim C

Deserves first, IMO. 😉

Goblins hasn’t been worth reading in a long time (and this coming from a D&D nerd). After about the fifth update in a row of combat scenes that was neither interesting nor advanced the story at all, I stopped bothering to check it.


All serious player (Bloody Mary, Bandit) have surely been informed of Keyla’s special and ill at least know what not to do (direct attack)

Yep, Aneeka is definitely getting better with the art; it keeps showing bit by bit in the comic. Nice comic! I’ve enjoyed reading for quite a while now, and usually try to not get too commenty on sites and such (but usually do in the end). I really like the setting and especially the characters so far, and the art is nice too (re:art, I’m just happy to see you go with the comic now instead of being like me over-critical of your own developing art skills and instead never using them). I have some critical feedback, though I guess… Read more »

Ooh wait! Now I understand! The smiley thing says “Let’s all be NICE” and then serves headbonk+paralysis+scary-pink-damage onto anyone who violates its command of “be nice” (and attacking isn’t very nice!). That’s why Kleya goes all pacifist right after activating it.

I am concerned though that Kleya might be specializing way too much here; she needs to build up other combat skills to complement her main weapon.

PS: sorry for long post followed by double post!

Squire James

Kleya acted a bit worried when she learned she could only equip one Special. Presumably she had another Special that either made a good combo with Nice or covered its weakness.

Of course, just because she’s been 100% relying on the Special so far doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some “normal” combat ability as well.


sure hacking isn’t really portrayed. The point is Kleya sees things normal people (all other characters and also readers) don’t. It makes Kleya something like a “mystic”.
Kleya does not show others how her specials etc. works. She keeps it a secret. We don’t need to know.
One other thing: If this comic was a “introduction to hacking” style-thingy it would be pretty boring. It’s more about the story. (just for the record: i study computing science)

@Zarylo Ah yes, you make some good points, especially in hackers being as “mystics” to others. But heck, I’m practically a mystic to some people if I can notice the problem with their PC is that it’s not plugged in :P. I just wouldn’t like to see the comic perhaps go shallow with regards to hacking and computing (not that I strongly expect that) in the way that I’ve seen a few other stories do (Die Hard 4, for example, though mildly entertaining IMO, was rife with ridiculous “hacking” scenes, and the film’s authors would have done well to put… Read more »

Bloody Mary being back in the Game could definitely spell bad news for Kleya. If she has to fight her, I’m not sure who would win. It sounds like Bloody Mary is a more powerful player, and therefore would likely have higher stats and possibly a Special as well, and she would likely figure out Kleya’s Special pretty quickly and find a way to avoid it. That would definitely be bad for Kleya. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Kleya won’t have to fight her, though we all know she probably will.


Oooh things are gonna get bloody! 😛


Wow what a special! I wish we could use it on the SOPA and PIPA Bill!


hm, the last 5 go to the ‘game’, semi finals are the last 4, so how is it decided who will be the 5th person?