…it won’t work. the other person’s relying on her special, she won’t try to attack Kleya directly like the last guy, and without an attack the special is worthless.


I don’t think it matters how Kleya gets hurt. In my opinion I think that if Kleya is hurt in anyway by her opponent that the special will react and attack the enemy. If that’s the case then it would be better for the enemy to use her special cause if it uses her health to cause damage then when she uses it she would lose just about all her health in one attack. You see what I mean?


But from what we’ve seen, only one special can be active at once.


Of course Kleya’s first, she was probably starting the commands for the special before the buzzer started. Also, the speed stat probably has something to do with it, which is why the Bandit keeps beating Kleya’s speed most likely.


I just found this comic… and I like it. Always have been a fan of wierd powers and complicated circumstances behind said powers. besides, the heroine is interesting and has kept me invested, althought I don’t really like any of the other characters…

I like the art in this one. Looks pretty refined.



So her special hurts herself, if nice gives back the damage one receives multiplied to the opponent, nice might backfire rather fast. Then again, who would design a special that attacks you under the right circumstances?

I really think nice is not such a great special if it real just works like that. I guess you can’t develop any special you want, there are limitations for those thing?

I guess Kleya gets most of her information by interacting with D? It’s kind of cheating to get all those informations, knowing is half the battle.

Morgana’s special probably costs life rather than causing her to take damage, and if it did cause her to take damage Nice might very well attack her for injuring herself, or take the total damage the attack did, regardless of who it was dealt to, and why. I don’t think Kleya gets her information from D because it seems to be the same view type that allows her to see the watchers, and hacking attempts; and the fact that she has commented on how leaky some of the coding is would imply she is directly looking at it rather than… Read more »

Nah, her information comes from her programming skills. Inside of LiFE, it seems those let her look at the world from the programmer’s viewpoint, which lets her see people’s stats and specials if they leak information (in strip 53 she sees the Bandit’s stats and thinks to herself “Does no one make tight programs anymore?”).

^In case you want to see it directly.

Stig Hemmer

I suspect that people who have seen the Matrix movies might think of it as “Neo-vision”.


I’m going to enjoy this slaughter.
I definitively expect this one to be the ‘casual fight to demonstrate the protagonists capabilities’ combat.
Ie: Kleya kicking Morgana’s a… aft section. (gotta be nice, the special is active…)

Tim C

The “One special per player” rule doesn’t seem like much of a crowd pleaser. I’d think her fans would get bored of watching eventually.

(Now appending my last initial since there’s another Tim that joined a couple pages ago – I’m the one whose first comment was on 102)


She can’t be that good is she’s in the loser’s bracket, but then again, there may be many good players who are there simply because the masses didn’t like them or liked their other opponents better. Stupid voting system. I can accept loosing to someone who is better than me, but loosing because the votes weren’t with you… I hate popularity contests.


Complete agreement here, but it seems that’s how the system is set up in NaV.

Fire Hazard

Which makes sense, given the context. And the system seems to work. For the popular people. So basically it’s like what we have now.


Doesn’t mean I (or anyone else) have to like it. I wonder if there are people in the game who feel the same?


I’d be willing to bet that there are. Kleya’s likely one of them, at least for now after that Bandit Match…


And yet, the talk could produce a mental advantage…


Personally, I think Kleya is underestimating the special of the other. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous. 🙂

Seros Senric

From the way Kleya spoke she seemed to understand her opponents special, saying what its effects were, commented on how it was made, saying it was simple.
Someone of Kleya’s level I doubt would call something simple if there was a way to hide something secretly within it.

No, I don’t think so. Well, I agree with her being able to see what it does and all, but knowledge doesn’t equal understanding. She seems to have the tendency to look down on others, and dismiss something as ‘not smart’ without trying to see if there might be situations where such a special could actually work like a charm. After all, she knew about Bandit’s stats and such, too, and didn’t think very highly of him. Until he got his special off and she started to understand the point of it. The only way she won that fight was… Read more »

But back then she didn’t look at Bandit’s special and she was confused by the fact that he had to much sight.

I believe she has learned from her mistake and makes sure she knows everything now, and since theres a limit to 1 special, I don’t think she has much chance of missing anything.

That is unless her own special ends up attacking her because her opponent hurts herself.

Squire James

I’m pretty sure Elite’s setup doomed her before the fight ever started. Use her HP to do an attack, hurt Kleya, then lose a lot more HP for Not Being Nice. Since the fights are consecutive, Elite probably never had the chance to see what happened to ClumsyKnight last round.

Nice probably has a very exploitable weakness, though I imagine Kleya has a backup plan in case someone actually follows its instructions and Acts Nice!

Tim C

Pretty sure Kleya’s backup plan is “Wait for the timer to run out and then hope the viewers vote for her.”

I think this is also Nice’s secret weakness.

Squire James

It is the most obvious weakness, yes, but if this is it then Nice is really only useful for this series of fights (when nobody knows what it does). Or perhaps it is only useful in the long run in combination with another Special… and Kleya seemed a bit distressed to learn she could equip only one.


Nice may backfire by having Kleya take the damage inflicted on her oponent multiplied when Morgana uses her special.

Tim C
I don’t think Kleya would manage not to realize that, if it was so. She’s know what triggers her own code. Besides, that would be strange in a more than two player battle (and The Game itself seems to be at least somewhat group-oriented). It can’t deal damage based on who takes damage, or it would have trouble picking targets. No, I don’t think that Nice is going to punish Kleya for what Morgana Elite does to herself. Most likely, it’s not going to react at all to the life cost of the ability – it’s just going to bring… Read more »

Indeed. I was thinking along those lines as well. Might not happen, but it could happen. And when it does, it might come down to ‘whole has more hp’ to survive the attack of nice.


Who, even. Clearly I’m not awake enough yet to spell correctly, sorry. :p


Here a thought I should have had in the first fight: does anyone in the real world still practice martial arts? Kleya seems to think in terms of Judo or Aikido or Ti Kuan Do with this special, the idea of “turning” the attack on to the opponent when they strike.

Any thoughts on this?

if the hp to damage is 1:1 ratio, then she CAN’T use her special to win, since she needs to drain points first to do damage, she would lose first; she needs to do something else to do damage, and she doesn’t look like much of a fighter. Additionally, it has been stated all specials can be avoided, so think how weak it would be to sacrifice HP… and then miss. Furthermore I’m pretty sure it was stated that hp is halved for the deathmatch…. which means damages will seem abnormally high [if 64 is current hp, normal is 128,… Read more »

Well if she built her build around her special she probably could have dumped everything into boosting HP. Kinda like how the previous guy put everything into attack.

a good point – that might make is a much better special, since you could kill them with the special as long as they didn’t have toughness in fact, isn’t it also points that 1) dumping points into happiness couldn’t be defended against unless it was your main stat, 2) the reason Kleya couldn’t make Danni a fire special is that she had no talent for fire, and agility is her main so not only would this suggest it would be a good idea, it might be -necessary- for her to ahve stamina as her main stat…. and this might… Read more »
im sorry but i cant see “happieness” as a “heroic” stat, for instance id like to point out a few “popular examples, emo tho they may be. 1. punnisher (kinda borderline hero i know) definatly NOT a happy guy on the best of days. but more often than not, was working for the “good guys” 2. Batman. 3 words, angst, angst, angst. never really got over his parents, never really had a lasting motivation for being a good guy, yet he was, is, and will be a “hero”. 3. the JOKER. have you ever seen a sociopath happier causing mahem… Read more »
you gave examples of 2 anti-heroes and an -insane- villain; the point of an anti-hero to to be counter to the normal hero stereotype, and the point of being insane is that you gain joy from things that you shouldn’t. I’m not saying that there can’t be emo heroes, or more complex heroes, but given a list of stats, happiness being among them, which would be likely to REPRESENT heroism? Kleya doesn’t follow an anti-hero route, she admonishes herself for not being more heroic, magnanimous, kind, and good… she clearly is following a most idealized version of heroics as possible… Read more »

ME’s comment at “not being a good enough programmer” would suggest that her special isn’t too complicated yet. Most games I know usually hae some special thing where you damage your own health to get an improved result. Pokemon has quite a few of these, where you do some damage to yourself and more to the opponent, if you hit at least