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The vote incentive for this one made me chuckle. Re: Mouseover text I’m going to probably sound mean here. I’m really not good at delivering criticism. This is all nitpicky stuff; if I were asked my reactions to the page as a whole, this probably wouldn’t even make the list – but it reads like you’re asking for reactions to that one particular effect, so… I didn’t understand the effect of the last panel until I read the mouseover. I can understand how it makes sense looking at it a second time now that I know, but it didn’t click… Read more »

In response to the alt-text: it worked pretty well. Also, don’t lose heart Kleya! The heroes that everybody considers villains are the best kind!


Your goals, intentions, desires and methods are unimportant. Once you are affiliated with a group, organization or action, you are ‘good’ or ‘evil’ as the masses label you. And your intentions are irrelevant, because if you do not have ‘good’ results (sometimes even if you do have ‘good’ results), you are still ‘evil’. The only morals, goals and intentions one must satisfy, is ones own.


Harry potter and the methods of rationality?


Just my own ways of thinking. I’m very big on personal responsibility and individual thinking.


I like that change between the last two panels. Seeing Mina there and then not is a clever use of an awesome trick.


You might mean “the DM flair” in panel four. Oh, and the last panel totally works.


I feel kinda sorry for Mina in the vote incentive, and she does have nice hair. Not everybody can claim their eye colour and hair colour are the same either.

Keep up the good work Aneeka.


I feel so sorry for Kleya. Don’t get sad. You will show them that there is one hacker that is a hero.


Well either I’m smarter then Tim, or he’s just thick :p

I got it right away 😀

The last part of the panel is kinda shifting to Kleya’s point of view and how she feels the world is being shut away.

P.S. Love the Comic, keep it going!

P.P.S. [Unreasonable Demand] More Updates! [/UD]

Tim C

Judging by the other comments, I’m just thick. 😛


Love it,and totally got the last panel effect. Poor Kleya! I feel for her too because it feels like her ultimate success is to NOT be noticed, especially for anything ‘hinky’ so to speak.


i think its going to be interesting when all of this is brought into light and how ppl view Kleya. Will Mina hate all of them and eat her words?

I felt the right thing for the last panel, but I couldn’t quite place the name of it until I read the mouseover. It worked well enough, but I think you could’ve adjusted it a tad to make it more pronounced. One suggestion I have would’ve been to put the blobs continuing to rage and rant in the background of the last 2 panels, then either fade the speech bubbles with the background or just fade the text, leaving only a handful of blanks. Make it seem like Kleya was tuning them out or was trying not to listen. It’s… Read more »