‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 106


The fight begins! Including witty banter! Unfortunately, that isn't a strong point of Kleya's.


November's come and gone. I'll be taking down that month's wallpaper this weekend so if you wanted it, now's your last chance! There won't be one for December, too.

And if Kleya was into hacking, the vote incentive shows what probably would have happened instead. 😈


Fire Hazard

How does she do a Special during Blackout?


It sounds like she was standing there letting him talk until the blackout ended.


Oh, she starts with her Special? Is that wise?


Kleya’s fans are gonna be disappointed (again). Fights are just not entertaining if they last 24 seconds: 20 seconds of one sided mockery, followed by 4 seconds of *ONE SHOT* instakill attacks.


Sounds like the special is going to be the only move she uses.


ha ha ha no witty remark, just go for the kill, lol


I like how Kat still isn’t *quite* the right proportions.

Fire Hazard

I said it first! Noodle Girl!


It can’t be over just like that… can it?

Tim C

The bandit is throwing the fight. He’s not really that stupid – he just wants Kat to win without it looking too obvious.

Lurking Logic Nazi

What is the time on the second to last panel? Looks a little wonky for being after 20 seconds. (0:01:21?)


It’s the 20-second countdown.

Lurking Logic Nazi

Ah. I was thinking of it as elapsed time but that makes sense now. Thanks. 🙂


1.21 seconds.


It looks to me like she might have jumped the gun a bit, the buzzer is probably a penalty.


No, I think the beep is letting them know they can use specials, and she’s starting the special right after it. Thus the beep is across the top of the panel instead of the bottom.


If our hero loses to anyone to go to the lower grid, let it not be the Bandit.
He is annoying and stupid.

Trash him Kate!


So, I can see two likely scenarios…:

1) Insta-kill, real or because the Bandit is throwing the match
2) He’s got some plan but loses after a while anyway

I guess Kat can’t really go to the lower grid since Kleya will probably need it.


Well well.. this seems to be a.. match where kleya could just hit and run win.. but she needs.. a large combo special.. that can show flair ^_^ and lots of fire… to suit her attitude of course…or a hero-ish special 😀 anyway.. great currant page and i cant WAIT for the next one! aughhh i wanna see the speciall… just.. make bandit suffer.. 😀 (P.S. are you gonna show Danni,s fight? maybe kleya could spectate it if she finishes hers quick enough?)


I am hoping she upgraded it from being the same smily attack; otherwise, he’s probably got an exact counter for it this time around. After all; it seems likely he knew they would face each other again.


I’m hoping for instakill here- for some reason I want to see the Bandit get his butt handed to him so fast it makes his head spin.


I think that the bandit either has something planned,or is throwing it, but I must figure out why he would do that…

Maybe he is simply seeing what she can do?