‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 103


Meet Kat v8! Danni won on making it more anatomically correct, but Kleya wouldn't budge on the coloring. Sigh...


And I'm having way too much fun with the firing of the Blobs 😈


Well, it looks better than last time, but I still don’t think the avatar is fine, the torso is to small for the legs, the head could be a little bigger too

Hooray for cat ears.

Was she allowed to bring more than one special to the last fight?


I like the new Kat. 🙂

Probably going to have to revisit the Zazzle store. I didn’t realise you could get different colours (other than black and white) and my sister in law saw my ‘I am not a villan’ T-shirt and wants one for her daughter… 😀


I can’t wait to see her new Special, and to see what happens in the Game trials :3


Well, this will clearly end well 😛


Ooh, can’t wait to see what happens now! And only one Special? I can see the reasoning behind that. Don’t want to overload the servers or anything. And besides, you have to hide somethings to keep the public watching- if you show off everything you’ve got there’s no curiosity about what you’re hiding up your sleeve.
(I personally think firing the blobs would be incredibly fun.)


She’s going to hack. She’s human; she can’t help it, she wants to win too badly.
By the way, are the games strictly hand-to-hand combat or are weapons allowed (there was that one guy with the scorpion tail)? How does it work if the player doesn’t know martial arts (matrix style “woah! I know kung-fu!”)?



Will she hack? Will it be noticed? Will her opponent have a special or stat-distribution that nullifies NICE?


I sympathize completely with her. Hands and faces (mainly eyes) are the banes of my existence as an artist.

James Smith

Uhh, I know, hands are a pain, I know how Kleya feels. I’ve downloaded a lot of tutorials on drawing body parts from Deviant Art, as well as bought a book on drawing without a model, and still it’s a challenge.


Practice, practice, practice! But yeah, hands are always a pain. Just try not to leave holes in the paper from all the erasing….


Hands are complex mechanisms. I recommend a book called Artistic Anatomy. I found it helpful to see what the underlying structure is to understand why a hand looks like it does as it moves. And practice. Have your friends hold objects and make gestures while you draw their hands.


Nice compromise on the avatar. 🙂 Hopefully Kat v.7’s fans will like the Kat v.8 avatar….

James Smith

The ones that WON’T like it are the ones who found it funny, and wanted to see it for a good laugh. That would be sad.


I LOVE THE NEW KAT lol i like how the pacing of the story is, how we sympathize with the characters and there is so many questions i have lol cant wait XD


Love the new Kat avatar with mitten hands. 🙂
Also, have we seen the HA! special already?