Charactership Side Story – 04

New Readers: We're currently doing a side story that involves reader interaction. See here for details. The main story will resume Tues, March 13th.


Most likely, Annie will be a youngish adult since that's how she sounds in my head. However, I'll decide Annie's exact age later since there are more choices that can affect her personality.

Meanwhile, let's decide on some scenarios! See poll to the right!


And for the vote incentive, I re-scripted pretty much the whole page.

Hope you enjoy!

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“Invalid Hope.” – that’s a classic.

I feel bad for the poor blobs that were vanished for the scene. I liked them, for however briefly they existed. If I vote for stable can I have them back?

(Actually, maybe I’ll vote for Not-so-stable. “I told you this would be a good job.” was a jerk anyway.)


Hehehe… Poor Annie. All the early voters like the idea of Miracle spot – just like me. XD

This is fun. :3


Miracle area doesn’t sound too good. I wonder if she would have time to access L.i.F.e. there at all when she alone has to find food and anything else she needs to live!


She should be in a miracle area just so you can claim this whole sequence as canon, given that she’s probably slightly insane from the whole ordeal. Having a crazy character’s introduction being her own delusions of coming into existence as she enters the story from out of horrifying solitude would actually be pretty cool, and fairly original.


I think we’d get the most information about what happened during the Ending if Annie is in an Unstable Area (problems on everyone’s minds, but they do have each other to talk to), so that’s how I voted. 😉


i voted stable. because i would never ever ever want to put a real person in any of the other situations.


Miracle Area is kind of cliche for this sort of thing. I say Not So Stable.


I voted unstable, since we’ll see more of what actually happened then. It’ll be on everybody’s mind.


I think not-so-stable is our best bet of finding out more of reality and how it relates to LiFe. A balance of LiFe and reality (heavier on the reality) would give us the most information I think. Stable means she probably wouldn’t be in LiFe so much, and miracle and even unstable she would rarely log off (Mina’s family as unstable and Kleya as miracle)


Miracle area sounds quite unreasonable. Anything other than miracle area should be interesting.


unfortunately, miracle area seems to be the way the votes are trending.


I was wondering, can “she” be a “he”? (Yes, Annie can be a guys name).


I voted not-so-stable, but +1 to Z2’s idea for miracle area.


I do like that idea, that she’s being slowly driven insane until she’s stable enough to access LiFe and then she can slowly get back in touch with reality so to speak.


“Part of my head is in the scene!”

I love it!