Annie Intro – Pause 01


Mina just wanted a chance to wear the hat.

If you're lost, my other story (a novel) can be found here.

And Reality starts Friday. *cue dramatic drum roll*


Long hair looks great. It’s a lot better then your little boy cut from your LiFe avatar, Danni!

You know what? You don’t DESERVE long hair. It’s just too much awesomeness for someone like you to handle! >.<


Bahahha Bloo-Jane as Tavk = Win.

Can’t wait for Friday. :d

Dr. Grace would love to be a god doesn’t he? I still regard Tavk as a brilliand practical joker, nothing like fruikcake-department-Jane. (I regard the Bandit as a better fit for that role). And how I read the book, I have to disagree with the ‘trickster god is NOT a good friend’ statement in the banner. I know, I’m crazy to disagree with the authors own opinion. But Tavk has only been a jerk that screws around, nowhere close to the complete hyprocrite b****** a**holes that those other gods seem to be. If I completely missed the mark here I… Read more »
Sir Read-a-Lot

I don’t know. Remember that Tavk’s idea of a practical joke is giving Ki the job of training De, knowing that she won’t take (what he sees as) the easy way out. Also, remember why there was nobody praying to him at the Gate to the Fallen Realm.

That being said, I agree that he’s probably better to deal with than the Rising and possibly the Sister Gods as well. I reserve final judgement until I know more.


I highly recommend the book. It’s how I found the comic. (I like the book more than the comic, but that’s because it’s a complete story, I think.)


I’m waiting for the “dead-tree version”, since I can ask my brothers to get that for me as Xmas present. 😀


Darn it all. Now I really want to read the book.

I didn’t come here from the book, I found it as an ad from the comic ‘Selkie’.


Need to read the book. Maybe later.
But for now, I’m biding my time till Friday, to see the infamous REALITY!