Generally, people wanting to kill you is considered a bad thing… On the other hand, she’s *probably* not going to get hurt to bad, since this Julius seems like a real charity worker and all around nice guy. Almost too good to be true… Hmm. Is it possible that he is recruiting a group of Outsiders in order to gain an army and take over the cities which has been hogging all the resources? Step carefully, I got my eye on you Julian. Interesting the difference between how he spotted Kleya as a new outsider right away, despite her best… Read more »

seriously, what is with everyone thinking everybody is evil XD? its hilarious to read the comments cause of that, but in most cases the most simple answer really is the right one. no need for machavellian plots XD.


Well, while some may say that it’s only some crazy absurd theory, I’m still pretty sure that all men that get featured in this story are either secretly or openly evil. So, if you approach the story with that sort of mind set then clearly Julian MUST be a bad guy.

That’s just logic.


so, when is tea time again, Mr. Hatter? need to know so I can see if I need leave early to attend dinner with the Red Queen.


We’re all alive!

The Merry Lurker

Yay! I liked that name.

…and lol at the newb-finding contest. Reminds me of SWG 😀


Hmm, my natural paranoia meter is pinging. Annie could be well in it here. =(


ho ho ho, seems she was just amazed at her luck once she grasped what was up.


im with azrael on this one, seems kinda fishy, or maybe im forgetting something from previous updates?


Why oh why are they looking for new outsiders?
I wouldn’t trust her just yet, Annie. Let’s just hope she doesn’t leave you standing there as evidence.

Mary Shoup

It may be impossible for them to count the number of people who survived outside of a city. Don’t forget this rolls us back to before the main story started, so we don’t know how long before this scene the ending occurred.

Outsiders can make money in the game. Outsiders in situations like Annie cannot use said money (Ordering pizza does not work in post-apocalyptia). 1+1= Con Outsiders into doing work for news. If particularly good at it, can make many people’s paychecks per day for about a week, longer if you manage to trick them into not believing the internet. Annie seems particularly untech-specialized, however, so it is entirely possible she ends up serving her civilian overlords for basic news up to 8 hours a day for a long time before she discovers that Internet has info for free, albeit censored.
Mary Shoup

Actually there are several references to the outsiders purchasing food – Mina and her family and a sticky on Kleya’s computer in the first page.


Those same instances probably have…more then just themselves in the area. You are quite potentially right that buying supplies is something they may have automated transit for, however I was referring to this lady’s situation as the ‘particularly’ noteworthy win-case for such a scam.


This does not bode well.


looks like Carol regards Annie as a new toy or a pet. Not the kind of ‘friend’ a ‘miracle area’-survivor like Annie needs.

Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)
Anonymous (no affiliation with 4chan)

I hope it’s something like Carol getting a reward for finding a new Outsider, but that rape face of hers doesn’t make me confident about it.


I’m pretty sure it’s probably a reward-contest combination.

She’s a bit… keenish, but I wouldn’t call it a RAPE-FACE. 😛


ha ha ha poor annie she doesnt know slang at all lol carol’s personality so far is kinda cool


“Oh you’re new? That’s great! First thing you need to do is transfer all your money to this account…”