Annie Intro – 03

New Readers: We're in a side story. Please see this side story to understand who Annie is.

We get to have a poll!

Purple Girl finally has speaking lines, so she needs a name. I'm currently calling her 'Carol', but that can be changed if you want.

The poll for today is whether to keep Carol as her name or not. If you vote against it, please feel free to suggest a new name. If the overall result is negative, then I'll pick from the suggested names at random for a new poll on Friday. Sound good?

Then let the voting begin!

[poll id="15"]

There is also another poll for you all! It's over on the NAV Wiki and done by a fan. It's asking to guess Kleya's Reality location and I found it amusing/interesting that the real answer is actually within the given choices. So go see if you can guess it!


Name her Samantha!


I don’t see why you need to ask anyone, it’s your character, if you want to call her dog $h!# okay, it’s all up to you.


And, oh my G–, your comic has it’s own wiki, very few webcomics go/get that far if the creators really wanted to (I understand Girl Genius definitly would need it).


Girl Genius actually has a wiki.


I know, that’s why I said it needed it.


name her eponine! or emmaline


Carol seems very surprised… Isn’t this a common newbie landing area?


This is wonderful (from a reader’s point of view) psychologically, we’re really getting a look into the mind of a miracle zone survivor!

Poor girl… 🙁


I especially like how she says ‘first contact with someone else than ME’. She’s been keeping herself company a lot!

Sir Read-a-Lot

She looks like a Carol to me.

By the way, I just read your book, The Wanted Child. All of the rest of you should read it too! It’s great! It has some similar themes to NAV, but in a fantasy world with a very interesting Pantheon of gods, and some very interesting magic systems.


I am de-lurking to say, name her Phoebe or Piper!


I think it would be funny if Purple Girl was an NPC character. She never actually admitted to being a real person.

I hate Purple Girl

Coward, B****, or Cowardly B****. I don’t usually throw that word around, but she deserves it.


Help me, I’m new to the game of L.I.F.E.



My vote goes to naming her May.


Name her Dovahkin! :p

Or Zelda

or Jazmine

or more seriously Sandra


wow…i think carol suits her lol


Carol starts by being friendly and trying to figure out how to help Annie. Annie won’t let her get a word in edgewise. It looks to me like Carol is suggesting that she will go get someone more able to help when Annie really freaks out. Annie’s problem with not being able to move doesn’t seem common, based on Carol’s reaction. Carol may not have any idea of how to help Annie. I think it’s a bit early to judge her behavior.


well reasoned. plus annie isn’t acting very stable. so she is likely kinda off putting. but most people aren’t characters in action movies so they don’t rush in to help just cause they hear someone say help. I am sure Carol will help once she gets a handle on the situation so she knows she isn’t just dealing with a crazy or a scammer, just a scared and lonely girl with no technical knowhow.