Annie Intro – 03

New Readers: We're in a side story. Please see this side story to understand who Annie is.

We get to have a poll!

Purple Girl finally has speaking lines, so she needs a name. I'm currently calling her 'Carol', but that can be changed if you want.

The poll for today is whether to keep Carol as her name or not. If you vote against it, please feel free to suggest a new name. If the overall result is negative, then I'll pick from the suggested names at random for a new poll on Friday. Sound good?

Then let the voting begin!

[poll id="15"]

There is also another poll for you all! It's over on the NAV Wiki and done by a fan. It's asking to guess Kleya's Reality location and I found it amusing/interesting that the real answer is actually within the given choices. So go see if you can guess it!