Annie Intro – 00


Yep, the Reality pages are killing me! I so wish I was a faster artist. lol.

This diversion will probably last 2 weeks and then we'll see how far I've managed to get with the Reality pages.

If you want an idea of the art style I'm aiming for, check out the cover of my new novel, the Wanted Child (and, coincidentally, my new site!).

Meanwhile, as I slave over these pages, you guys can:
-Help fill out this NAV Wiki that some fans have set up.
-Play around with the NAV trope page and add relevant tropes.
-Spread word about my new novel so I can feed my addiction of telling stories! lol

Also, a big thanks to those who posted reviews!!

And thanks so much for reading and being awesome!

Oh, and the saga of Blob-With-Hair continues in the vote incentive!

HAHAHAHA!!! I LOVED this page! ^_^ This style of humor is right up my alley. Reminds me of the joke conversations I wrote in the NAV Kickstarter comments. Kleya got HackerVision, aka D, to zap her right? That was the best bit. Got a good laugh from that. Well keep this up and I won’t mind the wait! Still think Kleya’s hair looks better with lines in it. I also didn’t want to say anything last update (because I expected it to be a fakeout), but now it’s confirmed that we WILL be seeing reality, which will be an interesting… Read more »
Smoooooooth Aneeka, very smooth :P. The expressions are very vivid, the normal ‘single line’ eyebrows simplify things perhaps, but these thicker sketchy lines give it more depth. I like how you choose to make this page in stead of simply putting up the Annie pages. That would have been a perfectly acceptible transition to another story line. And you wouldn’t have had to admit the missed deadline. But you opted for a little author-reader interaction. 🙂 I can’t help to think that your personality matches those of Ki and Kleya (they are identical in many ways), with the notable difference… Read more »

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a –diversion comics strip as we wait it out.


AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to see Annie! 😀


Nicely done. This made me laugh.

And the wikia page is mentioned by Aneeka. Wow! Thanks for that.


“Zap”? Maybe you don’t get to live.


I was right! 😀

Oh, dear. Poor Annie might be up for a surprise…


A tvtropes link! My only weakness!


I’ve noticed Annie looks a lot like Keyla’s mom. there probably not the same person. but thy do look alike


well you always could Keep your readers guessing about the real life bit and just hint at it 😛


Kleya’s annoyed expression in panel 2 is great.

Joe Vasicek

You have a wiki? And a tvtropes page??? Wow, my respect for you just jumped 2x (not to mention, jealousy…lol jk).

I’ve read a lot of books – and I’m going to leave a review on one of the sites that says the same – and practically specialize in young adult fantasy. I loved it! Can’t wait for more. I wish the sequel was out already. The writing reminds me of my favorite authors, like Garth Nix and Tamora Pierce, plus a few others I could bring to mind… Tavk is an excellent god. Tricksters always make the best(worst) patrons. And I love how the demons are different – not all are evil, just like not all humans are good. I… Read more »

I got the first B&N review it looks like, and I’m already rereading cuz I love it. XD

Tavk = best god ever. >.>
I love how Ki smacks/pokes her scar to “interact” with him.


I think kleya just killed her


Oh dear…

Kleya… that is not a look of love in panel four. I can’t figure out if it’s directed to Aneeka or Annie…

I think maybe both.

Loyal Reader

Be careful what you wish for. We all wanted to see Kleya’s Reality, and instead we got reality-reality. 🙂 I love fourth-wall humor. And it’s fun to get a peek behind the curtain to hear the author herself.

I’ll go back to obsessively clicking Reload, interspersed with Top Web Comics votes. This is one of the hardest stories to wait for. And that’s a Good Thing.