Annie Intro – 00


Yep, the Reality pages are killing me! I so wish I was a faster artist. lol.

This diversion will probably last 2 weeks and then we'll see how far I've managed to get with the Reality pages.

If you want an idea of the art style I'm aiming for, check out the cover of my new novel, the Wanted Child (and, coincidentally, my new site!).

Meanwhile, as I slave over these pages, you guys can:
-Help fill out this NAV Wiki that some fans have set up.
-Play around with the NAV trope page and add relevant tropes.
-Spread word about my new novel so I can feed my addiction of telling stories! lol

Also, a big thanks to those who posted reviews!!

And thanks so much for reading and being awesome!

Oh, and the saga of Blob-With-Hair continues in the vote incentive!