December Break – 06


NAV is on break until the New Year!

Dude's turn!

I hope it's not in bad taste for mentioning Fast and Furious due to Paul Walker's death.  I don't mean any disrespect; Dude really is a big fan of the series and loves to race cars.


“Seriously, there’s an outrageous amount of running involved.”

Xel Unknown

This interview was a hoot to read. :3


Ahh yes, obfuscating foolery. I can picture him briefly frowning with each question, then resuming his “nothing fazes me” expression before answering.

Parnifia the Bastard

You’re a very perceptive person…


Made me chuckle at a few points.

I’m not picking up on why you mentioned Doctor Who.

emily Ellsworth

My love for the Dude just went up.


Oh my, first time commenting…and I LOVE your webcomic, what a well-told story and deep characters! I love how you tell a story, even with the interview above. Made me laugh and think the whole way through.

Well done! I can’t can’t can’t wait for more!


She was like ‘Dude!’ He was like ‘Duuude!’ And then they were like ‘Duuddeee…… ‘


I didn’t know Disney movie quotes would ever be so appropriate.


I kinda liked him more after this until I hit the racing thing and I can only think that he probably sped on normal streets like a jerk. : (


This guy’s way of living sounds oddly familiar….only I don’t mind being serious on occasion. It’s annoying, but eh.

But he certainly sounds like me in one way: capable of being deep, but much prefers the shallow end of the pool. More fun there! (Or should I use “Rather be called ‘barking mad’ than ‘Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’….hrm…)