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I'm uploading this from my phone since I'm in an area with very poor internet. I'm juggling a lot of things right now and need a short break. Thanks for your patience.

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12 Comments on "Pause"

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I feel bad for it but… I cant help but chuckle at the gallows humor in murphys law picking this time in the story. Real life getting busy/hectic just as the characters go back to LiFE and all…


I feel so bad for you every time this happens. 🙁 I hope you will find a way to finally take it easier.

And don’t worry, almost all comics have breaks every now and then. My favorite breaks are Q&As with fan questions. It makes me feel so special whenever one of my questions makes it through. 🙂


I like how the Tenka logo subtly almost creates the outlines of wings!




Oh no those were supposed to be hearts!

Take as much time as ya need 🙂


Your quick sketches leave my drawing skills in shame.


Why does Jake in LiFE look just like Bandit in the Game?


Because he is using the same avatar so he is recognizable to the fans.. (Just simpler graphics rendering)

martin leske

ty for the… page?
don’T worry we are very patient people


Hey no worries, we totally understand juggling things. Take the time you need to rest and get yourself where you need to be, we’ll wait 🙂


With the background aligned like that, it looks like he is wearing a cape!


I just found your comic and wanted to say that I binged it all in about five and a half hours, and every second was worth it. You’re doing awesome things and I anticipate your return with excitement, but also patience (maybe. because you need me to.).