‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 97


Danni hates thinking, let alone talking, about her Reality.


Speaking of people's Reality, this month's Wallpaper is about Nanea's Reality!

11  'easter eggs' about Nanea's Reality and past (such as her real name, how she accessed L.i.F.e., and how exactly she died) are hidden within this month's wallpaper. Click here for details!


And for the vote incentive, Nanea gets her say!

As always, thanks for reading!!


Drawing lessons? They’re going to have to be careful… I think Kat v.7’s fans actually like the bobble head look. 😉 (Though I can’t help thinking it’s odd someone has to draw a figure in 2D to upload to what seems to be an immersive 3D system with physics. But it’s a good story hook, so whatever.)

Excellent comic, btw. I got here through a link from Girl Genius, so your web ads are working. 🙂


Interesting. Looks like we’re learning a lot more about L.i.F.e now. Mandatory rest hours? Makes sense. Obviously, those would not only serve to benefit the users, but the staff as well. They could use that time to upgrade programs, scan for viruses, etc.
I have to say, I’m thrilled with the way the story is going. The characters are very complex and realistic.


Love the comic I got addicted to it as soon as I started reading it. the drawing may not be as good a ssome of the others I seen but the story is more than enough to make me addicted.


I understand the concept of the avatar system being drawn by hand, it makes customization only limited by imagination.


Wow, stubborn to the point of being stupid. She does remember how she kept having to prop up her head, right? And that it was a huge distraction to her that her head kept overbalancing her? This is one case I’m glad she’s being shot down, because her judgment when it comes to her artistic ability is… suspect at best.

Love the story, don’t worry about what anyone says, your art is just fine! I read all the comments too, one of the comments complained about you not telling us all about the backstory. Ignore that person! Learning the backstory as part of the story is much more organic, and gives us more to gain from reading. Having a encyclopedia of crap to memorize wouldn’t make the story better. If someone really wants that, they can make a wiki! Had an idea for a spinoff if you want, “Not a Virus.” about an NPC that is created similar to the… Read more »

I have only just joined this Community and can’t wait for more, Like a couple of people I came here from Girl Genius and must say I quite love this comic ^.^


I wasn’t complainig about the lack of backstory, Aaror, I was complaining about the lack of pages.
Why couldn’t this be one of those webcomics I get obsessed with when it has thousands of pages? I don’t like waiting! Aah!


Been enjoying the comic. It’s quite good. I thought of writing my own story with a similar setting, but never got aorund to it. I wonder, their appearance in L.i.f.E; is that what they look like in reality or is this just as close as they came to recreating themselves digitally? Like Playstation Home.



Just wanted to add my praise/appreciation. If you’re keeping stats, I came over from “The Dreamland Chronicles.”

James Smith
I suppose I should join in on the praising. Interesting story, good development, even if the art is a little simple. I don’t remember where I first saw this comic or where I first started reading it from (I think it was Mysteries of the Arcana). I am planning on doing some webcomics of my own, one of which is set in a “digital world” that was man-made for other reasons. Almost became the new artist for Mysteries of the Arcana, and helped with the spelling/grammar checking for Exiern before the creator handed the whole thing over to someone else… Read more »

Kleya is so stubborn! I can understand wanting to design your own avatar to customize it (I once spent 2 hours working on a highly-customizable game avatar), but it’s more than a game and it actually needs to work right! Oh well, I like her because she’s so realistic anyway. At least she’ll be improving her art skills!

Oh, and I liked the vote incentive! I really do like her hair, too!


I came here through an ad on another webcomic as well. Sorry, I don’t remember which one. I read all of those mentioned above.

Normally, the quality of the art is very important to whether or not I will read a webcomic. But your story is so compelling I’m totally hooked. And your artwork, while not skilled, has a charm and expressiveness that’s appealing.