I’m REALLY loving the glances we are getting at the reality outside of L.i.f.e makes your story much MUCH more interesting! πŸ˜€ I cant wait for next week now XD


And the disparity between Citizens and Outsiders continues to be made clear.

Which makes me wonder, what exactly does it mean to be an outsider? Is it that there are a few large cities where people live, and then sparse countryside? Sparse countryside that somehow has excellent net access?


So let me get this straight:
– Danni is a citizen.
– She lives in one of the “Cities”.
– As a citizen, there is only two ways to make money: working on the farm or playing in the game online.
– To get into the game online requires popularity and usually knowledge of specials.
– Only employees of TENka can do specials.

So, wouldn’t that mean that pretty much only employees of TENka would be in the game and for those that are not employees, they should just stay in the farms?


it kind of reminds me of how the poor are said to only go into arms forces, that it was the only surefire way u can actually have a future. By the way i grew up around everyone who either went into the army or watch my father go. So i know what im talkn about..

Btw, those who are in the military and read this. This is not me being funny, just stating an observation. I think it’s brave they do what other will not do.


I’d watch ballet.. Maybe that makes me weird?


So, I found this comic earlier this week and read through the whole thing in one night (along with doing my homework…this made a great distraction) and I just wanted to say, you know it’s a good story when you dream about it! Anyways! thanks for the comic! can’t wait to read more! now I have three something’s to look forward to on Fridays AND something on Tuesdays!


Your really good at pushing those curiosity buttons.


What exactly is the difference between a citizen and an outsider?


Reading through the comic again is really enlightening! There are things that i missed the first time around, i didn’t even remember the Snowman villain group had been referred to before.


I found this comic a couple days ago, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites! The storyline is so intriguing, and getting hints about what life may be like in “reality” keeps my curiosity piqued. Also, I’s currently studying computer science, so having an anti-hero who is a programmer and “reformed” hacker makes this story even more interesting!

Your art is getting better every page, and I really love the facial expressions!


More Encouragement! Your art really is getting better all the time, but even if it wasn’t I’d still read because the story is fascinating. It’s really awesome though watching the progression of the art as well as pondering the depth of the story. It’s unique and wonderful and I hope you keep this going!


I’ve noticed that we’ve seen that exact expression on Kleya’s face in panel five over a dozen times now. I’ve begun to interpret that as her “annoyed face.” πŸ™‚


Your art is not that bad!I’ve seen comics with stunning backgrounds and details in every panel but the storyline gets boring after the first two chapters . Please keep improving your art style but don’t overdo it .Nobody will read if you update once a month !
Btw , I looove your comic !! You’re my idol πŸ™‚