Ohhh! Danni’s face on panel 6 is amazing! You really improved…again! (: I suppose that drawing almost 100 pages is a good practice! 😛


Kleya does not seem happy. My first thought was that she’s annoyed at the “secret project” being mentioned, but on review I think she’s more annoyed that Danni lets all those fans just talk to her.


Letting all your fans talk to you at any point in time… gotta get annoying.

“I love Kleya!”
“I love you too, random person screaming in my ear.”


Oh, so she really can do ballet ?
I wonder if she can do other types of gymnastics ?
Heck, for all we know she might even have done a bit of martial arts.

Maybe there’s some inspiration for a good special in there ?

Like, a powerful and fast executing jump kick of some sort (lots of ballet moves centers around jumps and kicks in the air), seems to me something like that would work better for her, than some uber powerful and complicated special that takes a lot of time to execute.


I was just thinking that, how the h*** is she goin to make specials with mina breathing down her neck.