Mina is Kleyas Manager, she has to get her priorities right.

There is something I just realized, Kleya feels uncomfortable drawing attention to herself, but she wants to be a hero right? Doesn’t that mean she wants to become something that draws attention to her by default?

Another thing, the real bodies, is this somewhat like in Surrogates?


Mina is not happy about this… And I can’t wait to see what happens next!


I worry now that a future comic is just going to be a bunch of dumb lyrics.


mina mina, how i hate u so lol i like how her family is the voice of reason


As I was thinking about the previous comment I was thinking that Mina would be upset because she’d been bragging about how she was going to have this machine to improve her voice, but this works too 😀

Though I hope that schedule leaves time for Kleya to work on the Special she needs to get done.


Previous comic not comment >.< Typos…


“The watchers are blocked from here, right?”
They weren’t a minute ago when Mina crashed. Why are they suddenly blocked?

Did they move somewhere without us noticing? I mean the couch seems to be gone, but it doesn’t seem like they moved otherwise.


Name the song, Bandit needs a Bandage!