‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 89

And we meet Mae, Mina's younger (and a bit spoiled) sister.

It is considered polite to look like you're asleep or 'napping' so that someone doesn't start talking to your avatar before realizing that no one is there.


*drum roll please* I have October's wallpaper now up! It stars Kleya plus five easter eggs again. Whoever finds all 5 easter eggs first wins a free, digital sketch! Check out the details here.


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Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting my story!!

So… I just read this. I really like it. I like how different styles and skill levels of art are so integral to the story. I like Kleya, calm, confident, and conflicted. I like the way you show hacking, both mechanically and artistically. I like the straightforward and complex world of L.i.F.e. you’ve created, and I like the distopian hints of the world outside you keep feeding us. I like the plot. I’m also impressed because it seems like you’ve been updating at a fairly consistent pace for almost a year. And I like the way you push yourself to… Read more »

ooh, i like Mae! I wonder what she does in L.i.F.e.? It sounds like Mina is under a bit of pressure to support her family, so I assume Mae contributes part of their family income as well, right?


Everybody! Still pose party!

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You know, I kept meaning to ask. How exactly does the interface of the game work?
Kleya’s hacking habilities had me thinking it was some sort of futuristic keyboard thing, maybe with a VR Helmet, but now the mom’s eyes went blank, which kinda points in a “neural interface” of sorts. As in, why can’t the avatars just disapear, like in our normal games?
I’ve a few ideas actually but it’s veering into the horror genre.

Also, excelent work like always. But of course you don’t need me to tell you that, you were there when you made it! (Right?)


Wow, Mae is pretty awesome. Hopefully she becomes a real friend for Kleya.

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Well, thanks for trying, I guess. I just had assumed the story wouldn’t get into the mechanical functioning of the game, and that therefore you were at freedom to divulge it here.

And another question. This should be obvious but I just really thought of it. Mae’s not physically with her family, is she?

So I’m guessing that Mae’s been using L.i.F.e. a while now? Long enough to somewhat customize her avatar, but not nearly so long as to know all the technical specifics about security settings… not that many people do anyways. At any rate it’s obvious that Kleya and Mae already know each other, not just by “oh hey you’re that girl that’s friends with my sister”, but actually speaking on first name basis with each other with no hesitation. Anyways, I’m wondering whether the reason Mae wasn’t feeling very good was due to real life issues, or perhaps something that can… Read more »

Oh wow! Mae is so cute 😀 i always like it when a new character comes in, i just love your characters concepts.
Oh and…her outfit is green? o__o Didn’t Mina said that it was expensive to change color?


Just read through the archive; I’ve seen the ‘real life in a game’ scenario a few times, but I haven’t seen hackers included in the situation where they logically would be. I’m interested in seeing where you are going with this 🙂