‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 88


There's actually a fourth camera - viewing from an avatar's eyes - but it's no longer open to Watchers. There were too many fights over avatars looking the wrong way than a Watcher wanted to look.


I'll be taking down the wallpaper offer this weekend, so if you wanted it, now would be your last chance. I'll be putting up a new one, though! It'll show up come next update.

As for incentive, I'm going to post it up on October 1st. The voting resets every month and your votes would be more helpful on the first than on the last day of the month. Hope you all don't mind! Of course, if you want to vote today, please feel free to do so!

I'll edit this post when the incentive is up 🙂
EDIT: Incentive is up!

Thanks to all who vote! And thanks for reading my webcomic!!


the way her mom said mina needs them badly is f***** up, her daughter is so uninteresting she needs other ppls watchers lol


I’m thinking it is more of a ‘she needs watchers’ thing than ‘she needs KAYLE’S watchers’ thing.


I’m loving the detail on this page. I’m especially loving the fact that I somehow didn’t notice the fuzzyness of the text boxes on the previous page until I saw this one.

Also the background detail in the commentary, I love little details like that so much, it makes it clear how much you’ve thought out this little world of yours.


Oh man, you got me.
When I first pulled up the comic I thought it didn’t download the image properly, and I was about to refresh. I just barely noticed that the third panel was stable.


To me it won’t matter which angle they are looking from, it would still be creepy.


“Would the watchers be okay with that?”

Totally doesn’t sound like something from a dystopian future.

a name, huh?
@bobby: I don’t think she’s saying her daughter needs Kleya’s watchers specifically, just ANY watchers. Since everything seems to be a popularity contest here, and they don’t get the game for free like Kleya does. and @Aneeka: I actually read it before you did that, and later I wondered if it had always been that fuzzy but I missed it. Good to know then. Also, if the “lagging” message worries you, I think it could have been better if it was Kleya’s monologue. It’s been stablished that she can just “see” code, no? Or is that just in the fights?… Read more »

The fact that you thought that out makes this world all the more deep. I’m really impressed by your writing as always. Haven’t read this in a while so i’ll rush off to the latest page now.