‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 86


Hint: Mina's last name is Lilly.

Random detail: The left side transports to 1 bedroom apartments. The right side goes to studio apartments. There are no bathrooms included in either option. That is reserved for Reality, only.


And I re-did panel 1's dialogue in order to include the blobs, err, background people's opinions!

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You have a way of making even the simple, normally boring, comics like this fun to read.


Hackers wouldn’t have black faces!
They would have extremely pale faces from lack of sunlight!


All black people who use life are hackers. They have to be to get in, for the government enslaved all black people and forces them to work the farms. The few who are able to break into L.i.f.e. are proud and make a statement by choosing black avatars, which makes them stand out since no free person(in this comic) would ever want to pretend to be black. This has all been explained already.

Author edit: This has not been explained as this. The black is simply making the face ‘faceless’.


Is this for real or are you making this up?
Was it explained in one of the comments?
It sounds to racist to be true, however none of the characters were black and as the rest are grey blobs, I don’t know if I should believe this or not…


Wow. It takes a freaken long time to open a door in L.i.f.e. 🙂


You mean, open a door… Sift through hundreds of thousands appartments, see if the owner is around, gain approval, and walk through the door.


Hey Aneeka. I saw this movie trailer on youtube and for some strange reason, it made me think of your comic. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2PdvLO24rI
It is called The Light Master

I’m still kind of perplexed as to the subtleties of how “dimensional” space is used in your interpretation of virtual reality… On one hand, it seems to be tossed aside as unnecessary, due to the lack of physical constraints, but on the other hand so much of the environment seems to be rather overemployed. Part of the gap there can be explained away easily in terms of human psychology- we’re used to having physical spaces in reality, therefore having EVERYTHING being without form would be rather suffocating. So, LiFe is structured to still “feel” like reality without all the inconvenience.… Read more »

Just caught up through the archives and I have to say I’m eager to read more of this, I like the style of giving the reader information bit by bit like this comic has.