‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 85


According to Kleya, if you don't like the conversation, you leave. Solves everything, right?


And I had an awesome weekend because I received two more fan art!! LamePudding depicted all three main girls in her cool style while Ax_colleen did a gorgeous coloring of Kleya. Check them out in the Fan Art page!

For the voting incentive, see what Danni had to say right after Kleya left.

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Hey Aneeka, so this page brought up a question. I get that Kleya want to remain secret, but why cannot Kleya Smith make like video tutorials showing how to make like basic random and stat changing specials? I mean she could simply teach the basic of programming and the basics of programming security. In fact if she pretended to make every new things especially the first stuff sound AWESOME! (insert lolcat) and made a moderate of amount of programming mistakes. I mean Tenka is looking for a paranoid elite hacker who is arrogant, not someone who makes stupid mistakes, laughs… Read more »

And Kleya makes a practical point. Do what your are good at.


I must admit how I am amused by the fact that they don’t “open” doors but doors are just tools for leaving the room.

With my amateur video game development, it is easy for me to spot when some interactive environments don’t actually have working doors, often just to save the effort of making a door that actually moves.

I know it’s not the same situation as what would go on in LIFE, but I am still amused by catching the almost subtle detail that they wouldn’t make doors work like doors.


History shows that the best defense is a good offense that also provides defense. The Spartans, the slave-powered Sumerian “tanks”, modern tanks, katana, etc.
Ballet is perfect for this. Pumt AGI so you can move better, and just abuse centripetal force with your spins and such, giving you some powerful kicks and knees.

I don’t post nearly enough as I’d like but know that I try to vote at least daily for NAV. That said…hmm… I’d like to know more about the stats… You’ve mentioned them a while back, and every time Kleya hacks we can see the stats changing in the background. Maybe you mentioned it and I just forgot (I’ve been keeping up with the comic almost from the start) but how exactly do the stats in L.i.f.e and The Game work? I understood that players start out with a certain amount of stats and abilities, but do these affect only… Read more »

Amazing how difficult it is for people to grasp that some people don’t like/want to be famous. Even outside of her particular circumstances, there are plenty of reasons to not want to be watched 24/7.


And some people, like myself, absolutely despise the entire concept of fame. It’s shallow and further traps us in the capitalist cycle.