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Or in other words, it's a double elimination tournament. Danni doesn't know this since she's never played sports and ballet/dance rarely (if ever) do that type of a tournament.


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Not sure whether it was intentional or not, but a tournament as described (I’m a tournament-math buff, among other things) will normally result in SEVEN survivors (each having less than two losses), essentially turning 64 into 7. After that point, you’d normally enter a post-tournament stage where you try to turn 7 into 1 in some sort of elimination format… However, since you’re looking to get FIVE survivors out of seven (out of 64), it actually comes out looking weird. If you only needed 4 out of 64, or 5 out of 32, things would be much easier. In fact,… Read more »

The bracket in the comic will give a clean top 4: Winner, loser of the finals, person eliminated in the finals of the loser’s bracket, person eliminated in the semifinals of the loser’s bracket (there is only one loser’s bracket semifinal because the other loser-finalist got knocked out of the winner’s bracket in the last round).

However, there are two people eliminated in the loser’s quarterfinals, who place 5th and 6th with no distinguishing feature. Traditionally they are both assigned 5th place.


wow thats a lengthy theory lol but hey i like it, i wonder y danni needs to win so badly? the tournament sounds crazy


So does anyone else see that Danni and Kleya will meet up for that final and 5th spot? Since as described a ‘double’ fifth place will exist…Though there’s a good chance even if they do somehow both will make it. At least, that’s how I see it going down.


Barring some plot device, I doubt Kleya would seriously fight Danni for the fifth spot. If the are to fight for the 5th seat, Kleya would probably just throw the fight or forfeit as she wants to avoid attention, and knows Danni’s position. She is trying to be good after all.

perhaps…but Kleya does hate to lose…that would likely be her intent should they meet up, but it also has to look like she didn’t purposely throw the fight, especially with all eyes on her(being sponsored, having I’m sure another interesting avatar, and obviously she’s being watched by the Bandit’s people). And Kleya could win by ‘accident’ because Danni uses up her fireball, draining her stats, which means even a ‘light’ attack from Kleya could finish her unintentionally….it will be interesting to see. Too bad I’m guessing we won’t get to see most of the tournament. Of course we mostly are… Read more »

Wow complicated theorem indeed. I better reread what Ixam said i can’t make heads or tails of it.


One has to wonder… Who’s “Bloody Mary”? Did I miss a page or something?


Go check out page #31 (I think). It is right after the black and white practice round that you learn about “Bloody Mary”. She killed her entire team so there are 5 empty slots instead of just 1.


Wow, Ixam, your tourney math rants rival mine on Sumeria. I say this as I glance over at massive stacks of research and notes…it truly is great to be a geek, isn’t it?