She handled that well, go Kleya! Danni’s ditziness may have saved her from potential strife, but the conversation isn’t over yet! (P.S. This is my first comment, and I love the comic. It’s one of my favourites and I’m impressed with the “Popular by writing alone” schtick.)


Why did she start arguing against the fireball if it makes a poor choice, or at least easy to solve?

Annaliese Lemmon

Because she has pride in her work.


If she makes a useless special, it will just blow up later. (I suppose that could make for drama, but…)


I was getting the feeling of highly impractical not useless. And anything she does will blow up in her face later.


It’s because she wishes to be a “hero”, making a special that isn’t going to work, would be against her view of being a hero.


That reminds me of talking with marketing people. They usually want something flashy and cool even though it is absolutely useless. But they don’t care because it looks “cool”.

But considering the trials seems to be a popularity based system, having a cool, flashy special is probably good enough even if it hurts you in the end.


“Life is for Everybody.”
Imagine that.


Oh, and I love the acronym 🙂 “Life: Life is for everyone”. Yeah for recursive acronyms!

Maybe this should be added to Wikipedia under the “Fictional examples” section of the Recursive acronym page.


ok, i liked danni before but im starting not to like her lol I understand that she is mad at Kleya and all, but cmon she looked out for her when she got a good option. In response to ppl sayin that this is art vs story, i love both. Why? Cuz it has its own original style that doesnt borrow it from anything else…so yea lol

The Star

I totally agree about you having your own original style. It’s great. Keep it up!


Your writing is seriously top notch. You’ve got to post a special script from the first page sometime. Not now though, for now i’ll take the story as is.

Great work so far, can’t wait for more, and props on the regular updating!

I think something to remember is that while Danni wants something that could beat Kleya, it wouldn’t just be for that — and the drawbacks that Kleya points out here would apply to anyone Danni was fighting. So it’s not complete self-interest here or even professional pride. It’s like two extremes… Kleya is very goal-oriented and seems to instinctively prefer the most practical action without concern about how it looks, which goes against the popularity/entertainment aspect of LIFE. Danni understands the popularity and that flash is important, but she doesn’t quite get that the flash has to have something behind… Read more »

More info on the outsiders, ehh?
No atmosphere, less oxygen?
So most of LiFe’s people are on EARTH?

James S

First panel: “I’m putting a SPELL on YOUUUUU. You want to do my bidding and make me cookies everydayyyyyyyy.”


If only this comic updated twice a day. That is absolutly unrealistic but, hey, I can dream.


Hey Aneeka,

Great comic so far. Honestly what hooked me was the complexity of story and how you used your amateur drawing skills as something intentional artistically.

I was curious though, have you heard of Savage Sparrow comic Mystic Revolution? (http://www.mysticrev.com/ ). Your comics have very similar themes so I was curious. I honestly would be suprised if you had simialr fanbases.

Seros Senric

Hmm… with the making of specials (and it seems everything else), the image is basically just what someone drew. So, wouldn’t they be able to have it look like a flashy fireball thing, but really go off her agility stat? It was said earlier that Danni had high agi. That way, Danni’s happy that she gets something that looks like a fireball, and Kleya’s happy that she didn’t have to code something that sucked. Of course, I don’t know the rules on specials so that might not work, but hey.


Even if it looked like a fireball, it would not behave like a fireball. I don’t think a massive ball of flame would be very impressive if it didn’t give off heat or set anything on fire. There would be no point to it looking like a fireball.

Scott's Folly

Even the use of fire imagery could pose problems with Kleya’s being in hiding. One of her previous hallmarks (according to the Inner Circle of TENka) was explosions; the sudden appearance of an extravagant Fire Special may well be enough to attract attention and risk exposure as a former hacker, particularly since it’ll be in the hands of someone who obviously isn’t at that level of coding herself but whose partner is connected to a previous case of Special loopholing.