‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 82


Losing is not a strong point of Kleya's...


*obligatory drum roll please* Someone found all of the easter eggs! She goes as Reigheena in the comments so congrats to her! She'll be getting a digital sketch of the Angus twins, per her request. 😀

In case anyone is curious and wants to hunt them down themselves, the five easter eggs are:

Hero Smiley

Kat V7

TENka emblem

No Hackers sign

And the Binary code's message


I hoped everyone who participated enjoyed the little game and the wallpaper will stay up for the whole month in case anyone else wants one as well.

And alas, I failed to come up with anything decent for the vote incentive. Humor is definitely not a strong point of mine. But if you like my comic, please feel free to vote!


@ Reigheena …you went to Sojourner didn’t you…?

Annaliese Lemmon

No, what makes you think that? And Aneeka, thanks for hosting the contest!


Just seemed like something that she would read and that contest also up her ally. Final piece of evidence though aside from the wing on your avatar the same drawing style, which in the 4ish years apart should have changed a bit. Sorry for the presumption, and congrats at being the first to find the hidden images!


Seems like one that could beat Kleya wouldn’t necessarily be useful at beating other folks… it isn’t like there is some straight-line beatdown scale. And, just as a matter of self-preservation, if nothing else, I’d file a request for a special that can beat your partner under “yeah, no” without further explanation. :/ Given that they don’t really know each other, I expect the explanation is going to involve a way to kluge up a basis of trust in the absence of information, but I’ll eagerly await the real answer.

Thanks for this webcomic… I have been enjoying it. 🙂

Dan Guyer

I found them on the day of the challenge.I just could not get my computer to work well.


Couldn’t Kleya design a special normally?
How does a player design a special?
What kind of process does that take?


I’m pretty sure she’ll end up with a stronger special right before hero smiley get an update.


Will you ever make any merch? I’d defiantly buy a book or t-shirt. It’s pretty easy, just use cafepress.com . A t-shirt would be a good way to advertise the site.


Hi. I love your comic and thanks for making it. I just reread the archive because I wanted to revisit the Hero Smiley drop and then couldn’t stop reading. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.


I think you already know, but can i say a thing? You should make a primal webpage, so that we just have to acess that adress to see the first page, but it’s cool not doing it too 🙂
And into the comic:
How many subscribers a person can have?
How is the GamePlay? like, you use more the keyboard, mouse or both? or is there an other device for gaming?

would you like if “someone” made a game like life?


Somehow, I don’t think Kleya likes the idea of someone being able to beat her…


Wow. Kleya’s glare in the last panel really terrified me. That’s awesomely done! Good work, Aneeka. Story and graphics of your webcomic are the reason i keep coming back every day to check if there is a new update, even if i know fully well that you update only on tuesdays and fridays. It’s just… compulsive.


If Kleya were comfortable with losing, this comic would not exist.


hear hear


Things are moving along nicely, but suddenly i don’t like this girl. Comeon Kleya go Villainous on her, i know you want to. I mean, with that sinister look and all… She’s asking for it!

Stig Hemmer

Wow. Danni really knows how to say the wrong thing, doesn’t she?

Hello! I read through your archive and I must say this comic is pretty awesome so far. However some of the concepts for the longest time were very confusing. From what I understand: “Life” is more or less alot like Second Life meets some Social Network (Such as Facebook) where you can create, and play with real cash. And for one reason or another its much easier to get cash in Life then Reality. If the players seen so far have been in reality, I didn’t notice it yet. I really enjoy the cyberpunk themes, the idea of being able… Read more »

I gota say, while your artwork isn’t the most amazing out there. ( Lack of full shading and what not ) This is probably one of the best settings I’ve read on webcomics so far ^^ Of course that’s just the gamer inside me speaking. I’ve only just started reading but your story has got me hooked and lined and I’m now a dedicated reader of yours ^^ I can’t wait to read on!


I found it to be a little confusing but I figured it would make more sense as the story progressed. Over all though, based on the info you’ve given us so far, I think I’ve been getting it.