‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 82


Losing is not a strong point of Kleya's...


*obligatory drum roll please* Someone found all of the easter eggs! She goes as Reigheena in the comments so congrats to her! She'll be getting a digital sketch of the Angus twins, per her request. 😀

In case anyone is curious and wants to hunt them down themselves, the five easter eggs are:

Hero Smiley

Kat V7

TENka emblem

No Hackers sign

And the Binary code's message


I hoped everyone who participated enjoyed the little game and the wallpaper will stay up for the whole month in case anyone else wants one as well.

And alas, I failed to come up with anything decent for the vote incentive. Humor is definitely not a strong point of mine. But if you like my comic, please feel free to vote!