‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 81


Mina is much better at PR than Kleya is.


No one's succeeded in finding all five easter eggs yet, though one person found four so far! Whoever finds them all first gets a free digital sketch!

And I re-did the first couple of panels for the incentive! Yay me!

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EDIT: I forgot to mention that I put up more fan art that I received! This time, it's from Wolfbane. Thanks!


It looks like Keyla’s trying really hard to protect what little anonymity she has left. Wonder how thats going to work out for her…


wow, this just make me wants to read more and more, look at what you’ve done to me! i’m reading your comic from the start a thousand times just to read more! ( also, i’m from Brazil, if there is an error, sorry)


I’m wondering if either of them are her real friends or if they are both just completely self-absorbed.


i dont blame danni for how she divulged her info, she doesnt want to b stuck in reality. i love how kleya has her back….i still dont like mina


How unfortunate that both of her friends are greedy pigs.

I’ve been following your comic for a while, I even posted a comment once or twice… I’d like to thank you for your dedication and time. Your art isn’t the best compared to other web-comics, but you more than make up for it in story telling. You are living proof that story is more important than the art. I always believed that the story makes 90 of a graphic novel, and your works allowed me to accept it once and for all. I wonder, how long does it take you to draw a page? I mean after you decided on… Read more »