‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 80

First off, yay, arrogant mystery lady has a name!

Second, when cheating is a bad habit of yours, being watched 24/7 can get a bit uncomfortable...

But good news! There's another way to 'subscribe' to Kleya. You can keep watching her without her knowing at all by helping me pull off this cool new idea I formed! 😈

Wallpaper Details: In exchange for donating at least an American dollar (or its equivalent), you can get this nifty wallpaper I made.

PC version

Not only is it pretty cool (yes, I'm biased), but I hid five 'easter eggs', as they're called, in it. There are five little items/pics/code/etc relating to the comic that are hidden within the wallpaper. Whoever is the first to find all five easter eggs will win a free digital sketch of any of my characters of their choice!

I have also embedded a spoiler - a hint about Kleya's past - within the wallpaper. It'll be revealed in the story within the next 20-30 pages, but if you can figure it out via the wallpaper, you can win a free digital sketch as well!

Mac Version

Or, if you want to take Kleya's former route of choice, you can just cheat. Those who donate $20 or more will receive the spoilerized version of the wallpaper (as well as an extra hint as to what it's about) plus a free digital sketch of a character of their choice (please give me a week to do the sketch. And please use or provide a valid email address during the donation process since I will have to manually send you the spoilerized version and the sketch).

And to those that are in Kleya's current situation, struggling to make any money at the moment, you can simply pay with a tweet (and now facebook! it requires a tricky step though; see the bottom of this page here.) instead. In exchange for spreading the word about my little comic, you can get the wallpaper for free!

Pretty cool, right? Just click on the nifty donate button found on the right sidebar or see this page for more details.

Also, I hope to make this a monthly thing, but it really depends on you guys and how well you receive it. Let me know if it's something you like (and what type of wallpapers you'd like to see in the future) or if you'd rather see me do something else. I want to please my awesome readers!

Vote Incentive: And hey, you actually read through all of the above! Congrats! (or you cheated and just scrolled to the bottom...) Well, regardless, you can check out my vote incentive and hear what the Bandit has to say about panel 3!

And, as always, thanks for reading!!


I really like the talking blobs… just saying…

Also, how are we to go about facebook posting and getting recognized by you? I didn’t see anything about it on the page you linked to…


Quick question; how does subscribing work in L.I.F.E.? I mean, do you see what they see in first person, or is it in an over the shoulder kind of view? On that note, how does the player see in life? first person I’m guessing, but I have no bloody idea honestly.

pardon any grammar mistakes, English is my first language, but i still suck at it(i went to public school, so it shouldn’t be too shocking a conclusion).

Dan Guyer

L.O.L. Funny I had her pegged as a loner,but now she has a partner.


It must suck to be one of those dozens of users who just has a boring grey blob as their avatar.


I think I’ve figured out one or two of the easter eggs. It could be one or two phrases and so I’m not sure if it is one or two easter eggs.


I want a Scorpo wallpaper, since he’s obviously the best character.


I was able to find three easter eggs but I absolutely can’t find the rest ):
Though I gave up, it was fun. <3


You really think about posting a Game Specifics Info page, something like a description of all the various game related concepts for both L.I.F.E. and The game (IE, Stats and effects, How specials work both originally and now, Subscribing, Point Values, L.I.F.E. Membership fees, and all that tiny stuff.)

Also, at this point, how many other interesting specials have you already come up with to wow our fan-brains?

Laser Snake

I enjoy this webcomic, which is saying something because the majority of the more popular webcomics seem boring and repetitive to me. I especially like Specials, and how intricate the designs could be in order to counter one another. You know it’s clever when it could easily be turned into a card game, but wasn’t originally destined to do so.