Seros Senric

I think Kleya has been regretting her decision to get involved for a while now. And knowing why they are going to so much trouble to get her into the game could be helpful to her.

Blob #48 has the right idea; claiming a name can be the difference between life and death for secondary characters (as depicted in The Order of the Stick, among others) and thus is a good first step on actually becoming a character, instead of merely a blob.


Discovered your comic today. Allthough it took some time getting used to your drawing style (but the facial expressions are very good), I like the story very very much.
I hope it continues beeing so awesome 😀


I don’t know if I should be glad that she is not mad at Kleya or mad because she tries to ‘feed of Kleya’s popularity’.


“A singer. How nice.” What a great quote.


oh great i knew mina would mooch, and i love the other girls comment she doesnt like her like i do lol its why the vote incentive had me rolling


I love Lilly’s antics in this one. If she had just been hurt by the discovery, she would ended up as the stereotypical “Innocent, Friendly, Feel-Bad-For-Me” girl. With the “I’ll do anything for popularity” attitude that she no doubt adapted out of necessity, her character becomes more realistic and unique.


Hands. I like how they are not deformed. Mine always come out deformed. I love your story, too.

Sally M

You’re right nameless blob! The lady in green has no name…