‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 78


You know that feeling when everything you believed in crumbles before your eyes? Mina maybe experiencing that right about now...


And because that last panel is classic, I re-did the entire page with different wording and some different colors for the incentive.

Hope you enjoy it!


Plus, I got more fan art from SweetSylvia. Yay! Check it out!

Dan Guyer

The worm turns huh?


How is Kleya pronounced?


I’ve been pronouncing it “Clay-yah”


Question about avatar stats.

Obviously, specials are this world’s magic or special attacks (judging from the differences in the specials seen so far, they can be applied in almost any way the user can program) but is there an equivalent in this world for – for lack of a better term – feats? Like something besides stamina that increases HP, or resistance to mind-control effects?


Those clothes, the hair, reward money, and now the hired offical. That girl must have a LOT of money to spend.


Ah it’s a pity i never saw the rules of life incentive was offline for a while. But it was worth the two extra pages in one row. Real nice development so far.

And i’m tempted to make some fan art. I’ll be making it soon…