Seros Senric

I really hope this one more condition of hers will be enough. It should be if she thought it through properly (but, in her situation, I probably wouldn’t have had time to think it through properly)

Yay! She’s going to do it again! Does he even notice that she’s ignoring him? Why are there these giant floating boxes? Are they to hide his shirt on the pretense of typing? And yes, it’s a good thing he can’t see her drawing. A very very good thing. It would be way too optimistic to think that TENka really won’t bother her. This “condition” will probably be horrible for them, but he already agreed! It will definitely make Kleya’s life easier. Right? Guys? Also, Panel 4 is very very cute and funny. _ Hacking is punishable by death? Also,… Read more »

I hope that condition will save her from any more questioning about Hero Smiley. >.D


The condition is probably that her identity remain unknown.


I know the condition! He fixes his hair so it doesn’t mullet anymore!!!! That’s the condition, right? Right?


Lets see if I am right this time. I’m betting that the request is either Danni gets to stay in L.I.F.E. without having to pay ever again(or at least get a decently long amount of free time) or something bad involving the bandit.

Sally M

I like the second panel: IGNORE.

Dan Guyer

Please do the unpredictable. Have Kleya ask for credit and an escape clause.


Permission to give you fan art?!?!


I wonder what that condition is…?


This might be the perfect time to tell the truth and get away with it, just ask for amnesty.

I don’t think she is bold or smart enough for that move (smart since he already said yes), and I doesn’t really need to many explanations why hackers are not liked in a world where everyone stays in a VR.

Dan Guyer

For him to shut up!


I love her drawing! It made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work.