Extreme privacy settings sound useful for Kleya. Poor Kleya. She knows she’s being manipulated and she knows that it’s a trap. Disorderly conduct is banned? I know something horrible will happen because of this. Anyway, I think the art came out great. If you’re stuck for vote incentives, you could do more t-shirts for this guy.
Sorry I can’t think of much else to say, but this is another great page. Keep up the good work!

Seros Senric

That… That was low.


Huh. Incorrectly upload avatar? And how is Danni scamming by claiming prize money? Man we need more rules for how the hero thing works.


You seem to have a knack for these simple logic traps. And our “hero” seems to not be clever enough to overturn them.

Sally M

No!! How can she do that??!!


Kleya is being nice to Danni.


Ah, she really is trying to be good. I’m pissed with how she’s been trapped into it.

Incentive? Please post just that one page or two of the rules of L.I.F.E or some document within it. Or, if your free enough, give us a screenshot of a chat room discussing Kat vs Bandit fight. I’m really interested in seeing more of this world.

Looking forward to next page. And you’ve got my vote regardless.


Is it a mullet or is his hair just shaggy?


That… really shouldn’t be how it works. It is only scamming if she knows it isn’t true. Her actions need to be fraudulent. If her beliefs are genuine, even if she is mistaken, it would not be scamming.

The limits on the powers of the authorities seem to be a positive thing on the surface but they seem to limit oversight more than abuse.


I really wish I had something more to say then “I love your comic”… But thats all I can think of.



Stupid fake authorities. -grumble grumble grumble-