Lol at panel 4 for the “see if i care” face haha!
Hey i noticed that you’re improving a little at drawing 😀 (since the beggining)
keep up the good work (:


Yes, I’ve been noticing it, too. It’s exciting! Thanks!


Aw… Poor Mina. She’ll be so disappointed in her. And poor paranoid-with-good-reason Kleya. And it sounds like Danni just found her too, and found a way to make more money. And what’s Kleya going to say when Mina asks about the device to make her voice sound more realistic? That’s a cute quote “I don’t *like* the news.” I wonder if Mina will be apologetic or indignant when she finds out that Kleya beat the guy who had a good artist, but no programming skill. Unhappy Kleya is a great vote incentive.


Ha ha. I definitely don’t see Mina being apologetic. She’s self-centered. The world owes her a constant apology, not she!


Excited. Yeah, that’s one way of putting it!


Am I right in assuming Danni turned Kleya in?



Your “really hot new guy” got beat by that “pink horrid thing.”

We can’t have that happening, now, can we?

(I can’t wait for each update; exciting story!)


Huh… I suppose she should have hidden better if she wanted to avoid unwanted attention XD
Oh well, I guess she knows for next time


Kylie should turn herself in a little at a time. $$$$$$


She should just log off now


lol i dont like mina that much, she reminds me of several of my acquaintances who just want to mooch of someone instead of making something theirs.


the plot thickens.

i agree with the above, the moment a reward was mentioned i was sure she would scout it out, if not actually turn her self in…

you wasted no time in proving me wrong though.


a predictable story is a dull read, but there seems no danger of that here, hmm? keep up the good work, and ill keep voting…



I really feel for Kleya, she can never get a break 😛
And like someone said before, I think you’ve gotten better at drawing since you started too 🙂