‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 68


And we meet Brad, err, Dr. Grace!


Cause it was running through my head as I made panel 6, the incentive is what I kept thinking he'd be saying at the moment. Vote to see the incentive! Thanks!!

I really like the story, the setting is very interesting. It’s rather hard to root for a hacker, those people are dislikable on so many levels. I didn’t quit get what she hacked in the first place, in the comic she is descriped more as a cheater than a hacker. Then again, at least she is trying to play fair, and since the other side doesn’t even care about that, this part works, Kleya seems likable in comparison. Even though she is far away from beeing a hero, she is selfish, lies to her friends, she handles the situation rather… Read more »

Yeah, there are a bunch of webcomic cartoonists that started with a simple style and now are amazing. Whenever I get really down about my lack of amazing art skills, I browse through their old webcomics and remember we all gotta start somewhere!

Glad you like the story though! Hope you’ll like Kleya more and more as the story progresses, too!


EGS one of my fav webcomics dan shive started off really simple now his work is so much better then wat i doodle everyone is capable of improvement with practice


Wow! I think this very well may be my favorite page so far! And I love the new characters, they’re well done! Your shading seems to be improving! Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait til the next update already!




Who doesn’t 😀

Cool!That is an awesome way to win. You will faint from happiness! I love the circling nature of this argument. It was her style, so it couldn’t have been her. Brad’s a kind of cool character. Sorry I didn’t comment on the last one. I wrote a detailed comment and then forgot to post it. Oops. And I always wanted to be a secret agent. Are these TENka headquarters? Official people have such awesome avatars. It’d be cool if there were an avatar with wings that actually worked. I’m a little bit confused. Are they in L.i.F.e or the game?… Read more »

They’re more like in the equivalent of a TENka ‘chat room’. They are technically in L.i.F.e, but it’s not connected with the main L.i.F.e. networks. It’s like when you buy a game with multiplayer options, but don’t connect to the net and just play it with friends at your house.

And they get better avatars cause they can afford to buy them (that and I’m getting better at drawing cooler stuff. lol)


For the record? The end of this convo would probably be a better place to end a chapter. Makes it more… ominous.


Ha ha. True. Unless I wanted to start the chapter with an ominous tone… 😈

Regardless, it’s probably a good thing I’m not bothering with chapters. Finding decent ‘ending’ breaks and then starting up again was never a strong point of mine.


lol, I can relate with her. I always have trouble with resisting the urge to hack when I’m playing videogames.


The guy with the goatee is in the Gendo Ikari pose. This is undeniable proof that he’s a douchebag.


Oh, the joys of charisma-based attacks…insulting someone to death, making them so depressed that they just cease living, talking your enemy into being your friend and suddenly betraying him in so shocking a way that he is somehow dealt physical damage…