‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 67


Danni doesn't have much luck with people.


And if I was doing chapters, this would be the end of a theoretical 'chapter 2'. For the fun of it, I sketched out a possible cover for chapter three. That's the incentive this time around so vote!



I usually never comment on any of the comics i read but this one is too good.

I love your comic! I don’t know what does it but this is the comic I have the hardest time waiting for the next page, I want to read more!
And I read a lot of great comics.

Keep up the good work!


Oh, wow, thanks for the high praise! I’m really happy my story is addictive! lol.

Thanks so much for commenting!


awww… poor Danni 🙁
oh well! XD
Hey, if i ever wanted to do a fanart…how do i give it to you? o__o Do you accept them?


I’d love to accept fanart! Just send it to aneeka (at) navcomic (dot) com 😀


awesome! Prepare for the revenge of the fanart muhaha


I can’t help but notice that Kat(V7)’s dot representing her head is the same size as Danni’s.


Hmm? No, it’s bigger. Slightly, but still bigger.


Wow…the art quallity is………..

But the story makes up for it. Good job~


Ha ha. Yeah, the art isn’t the best, but it is improving! Someday, it’ll be as awesome as the story 😀

Glad you’re liking the story!


Alright, some more character development. Always a good thing. It’s great to see the protagonists have conflicting interests.


I love this~!~!
I know that the artwork isn’t totally ‘proffessional’ (bad spelling- sorry), but I think that’s what makes it more addictave- it’s cartoony. And it’s got a great story behind it.

Can’t wait for the next page~!


Thanks! Glad to hear the artwork isn’t totally detrimental. Yay!


haha, yeah. XD


Poor danni, kleya should help her with hacking and just change her IP xD
But then the history wouldn’t go on lol


Urgh…. Kleya, this is what I was afraid of you dork. She was so caught up in the principle of not cheating that as far as I can tell the fact that another person had a LOT staked on this. And it just slipped her mind? I can see why she has to work hard to not be a villain, because right now her heroing sucks.

And she doesn’t even have the decency to try to make things right. She screwed up and is running away so she doesn’t have to face the guilt.


Well, she can’t be of much help to Danni if TENka knows who she really is…


Somehow I think I can see where this could go … I don’t want to go into details in case I’m right (that would be very cool, would mean I’m really into this story ^^), but I think were’re gonna see more hacking soon. Wait … not so long ago I promised I’ll send a fanart and I didn’t! Holy feces! Hey that could actually be cool, I’ll send you the fanart with the way I see the next chapter. Gotta finish work so I can get to that.


The art may be abysmal, but that can easily be improved. What catches me about this burgeoning series would be it’s writing. While not the most elegant aspect of comics, the ability to compose a good narrative is the skill that separates the 10% from the other 90%. This comic is firmly in the 10%. Keep up the good work. 😛


Oh, wow! Thanks!! I’m so glad the story is standing out!

And thanks for commenting!


Everything in this post is true. I have to admit that way back when the Death Match was first introduced, I was disappointed and thought the story would go down the well-trodden path of the generic tournament arc. I was very pleasantly surprised. You have proved that you possess a good understanding of story composition as well as an a sense of your characters. Too often do we see uninspired carbon-copies of other characters. Keep on!


However, I must add that some characters have yet to fully distinguish themselves (most notably Bandit), but that may very well be just because we haven’t seen enough of him.


Ha ha. Doing a generic tournament arc would bore me before I finished the script! I much prefer unexpected twists 😈

So glad you’re liking the story! Thanks for all the compliments!


I love this comic, the fights, the drama, the thinking! It all just pulls you in, I think well done.

I also love the art and how the little things just click, likethe kitty’s head is kinda heavy and affected the story fight~~


Ah, thanks! You guys have all seriously just made my day super awesome!! Thanks!!