I don’t think he’s buying it.


oh hai! 😀 I’m a new reader and … GUH! this webcomic is awesome! Seriously! I’m a graphic artist myself and…i know it’s a lot of effort (but hey, if you like to do it…) i just wanted to say that i really respect your comic 😀 aaaand i can’t wait for the next update XD haha!


Ah, thanks! I’m glad to hear a fellow graphic artist likes my comic. Especially since I’m not much of an artist! lol. But the story will be good!

Thanks for commenting!


Well, to have sucess and popularity, you either need a good story or good graphic talent (or both lol). But don’t worry, i’m sure you will do a good job 😀 and i know the story will be good, this comic is so inspiring!!


Why does he remind me of Agent Smith from the Matrix? All he needs is an ear piece.


Ha ha! I didn’t think of that. And there’s no need of an ear piece in this world. Unless for looks, I guess.


I agree, I could see a whole army of clones of him. While somewhat of a cliche “agent”, I like him! His personality is spot on too.


So I’m guessing the teleporter announces when you teleport.

But I am curious to know, why are they interrogating her in her arena avatar form. Why not interrogate her in her L.i.f.e. form, or in the real world for that matter. It seems to me that if they believe she is a hacker, they should take her out of L.i.f.e. first, question her, then put her back in if they don’t think she’s a danger.


Alright so if I understand this, Hero Smiley randomly activates during a battle for a one-hit kill effect. Kleya hacked, triggering the random special manually. This makes hero smiley a proxy for hacking, as it hides the hack; the special could concievably activate on its own anyway, especially since Bandit was stalling.


I missed this comic. Sorry, I didn’t comment for these last two; I’ve been away at camp. These last two look great! How many rules Are there for specials? I’m sure the special TENka agent loooved to be told to go away. I thought the thing with the table as a headrest was cute. Good job for remembering about her head outside of matches! You would think that the government (or whatever power rules) would design a more fear-inspiring interrogation room. I can’t wait until Tuesday’s comic! Keep up the good work!


Hey, you’re back! Hope your camp was fun!

As for Specials, there are about 500 articles in the Special Rules and it’s over a thousand pages long. Most people don’t get past page 10 and it’s why most people don’t do Specials. Only those that understand programming or really want to do a Special manage to read farther.

And Tuesday’s comic is gonna be awesome! Thanks for all the compliments!!


I started reading this within the past couple of weeks, and I love it so far, and I can’t wait to see where it goes to, also how your art will improve(and believe me it will improve with how much you draw doing these:P) as it continues on.


Oh, I can’t wait to see how my art improves, too! It’s what keeps me going when the art refuses to work with me. If I keep working and trying, it’s gonna become awesome one day!

Thanks for loving the story! And for commenting!


Of course, I will try to comment often, but I am often a bit busy 😛 I might try and draw fanart for you some time if you want 😉 But my art style is odd… o3o


Ha ha. I hope I don’t sound like I’m begging for comments. I just really appreciate them! But would never hold it against anyone for not commenting. I have a hard time thinking of a reply myself (or fear giving out spoilers on accident), so I’m fine with silence.

And I’d totally accept fan art! Even if it’s odd. As long as it’s kid friendly, I’m cool with anything. 😀