‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 62


Oh, the suspense!


Originally, I planned to have the outcome on this page, but the layout looked too squished so I bumped the outcome to the next page. You guys won't mind though, right? 😈

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The suspense is killing me! Poor Kleya, Danni would kill her if she knew what Kleya was hoping for. Good job!



My thoughts exactly, bookwormyer, lol. So one thing I’ve been slightly confused about. I understand the bandit made the remark that you can’t use a special with less than 5 health, so I’m guessing that’s what Kleya’s hack was, but I haven’t been real clear on exactly how she hacks. She always just seems to say she did, rather than the reader seeing her hack. I was actually thinking she was doing more hacking by ‘reading’ the Bandit’s programing, than adjusting her health by two to allow Hero Smiley to appear(or even simply overriding the rule). So I’m confused as… Read more »
From what I understand, she could “read” Bandit because he didn’t protect his “code”. Maybe she just can see this because she knows how to look, and it’s not really hacking. Or maybe she hacked her own “code” and that’s why she can “see” other people like that. But really, I think it’s just like breaking a .doc file into hexadecimal code, everyone can do it but very few people can read it. I think the hacking only occurs when she modifies the numbers she sees. And I think that’s not clear … sorry, I have it in my head… Read more »

I can understand Kleya’s position, but if she loses, she won’t be able to repay her friend her money and it’s possible she get kicked out of L.i.f.e. So in a way, winning at any cost is noble.


They should make ur comic into a movie – as long as u retain story rights of course! :). Very intriguing story, the artwork is great too. Keep up the great job


Ha ha! I think the story is too long to make it into a movie. They’d have to cut out a ton. But a series could work!

Thanks for the compliments! And I hope you continue to enjoy the story!!


Well other movies which are similar to this comic do exist, for example “Gamer” and “Surrogates” (both excellent movies which I recommend). They are similar in the sense that they both show a world where major technological advances have allowed people to escape the real world and live a sort of virtual fantasy.


good point, I think she means to suggest that the comic will be around a long time(yay!) and a movie is too short for such a storyline…but it would be awesome to see a series! And I never thought of it connecting with movies like “Surrogates” but now that you mention it, I see the correlation. Nice!


Just wanted to drop by and comment that I rather like this comic. I stumbled across it through an advertisement (not sure which anymore, sorry… think maybe a Project Wonderful add) and am rather taken in by it. 🙂

Also, it looked to me that the Hero Smiley literally stopped the hacking attempt by making them crash into its music. Is that what she meant with it cleaning things up in time? Preventing it from truly happening and thus being something the mysterious ‘they’ could detect? Either way, I’m going to be following this comic for sure. 🙂


Yay! I’m glad you like my comic!

And ‘yes’, to your questions. That was what I was trying to imply. It should become plainer in the next couple of pages.