That is a very interesting special…
I’d like to know what it does to them besides overflow their endorphin levels.
Here’s hoping that she’s not disqualified for only having 3 HP. Looking forward to the finish.


That’s so cute. I thought that was Hero Smiley, though, not HA! Or are they the same, or is there a difference I’m missing?
I love how everyone’s wondering about specials rules and Danni’s angry about the lack of color. I like the effect of this special. Bandit looks so happy! It’s cute. I hope Kleya doesn’t get into too much trouble about hacking. Maybe everyone will think she actually had 5 left or something? I hope “They” don’t catch her. By the way, when will we get the backstory? And do we get any voting incentive?
I love this comic!


She had two specials: Hero Smiley and HA! She intended to use the latter, never the former. Keep reading to see why!

I love how Danni reacts, too. It’s so her, though. lol.

Voting incentive: I didn’t have time or any ideas yesterday, so I didn’t put one up. If you (or anyone else) has a good idea before this day is mostly done, I’ll see if I can whip something together for it.

And as for backstory, the story is just beginning! lol. Backstory will come eventually.


Well, my idea for an incentive would be to see this world through Kleya’s eyes. Perhaps have one panel which shows the buildings, the robots and the people, and then another panel showing what this all looks like when it is broken down into code. Some of my favorite panels in the comic are those which show this unseen layer of their world.


Ooo, that’s a good idea. Unfortunately, it’ll require more work than the usual 10 minutes I spend on the incentive. I’ll have to see if I can squeeze some time and produce this in the next few weeks. Maybe when I have a page that calls for a scene like the one you described, and then I can overlay Kleya’s view on it…hmm…

Thanks for the idea!


If it were me, I would hack the h*** out of this world and make myself the most bad-a** guy ever. But that’s just me.


The problem with that is that L.I.F.E.’s metaphorical admins can find you doing it. And ban you.



Meh, so what. I’d have my fun then go on being a salvager in the apocalyptic world which is “reality.”


I guess that would make me “A Villain.”

I Like Plot

Scientific progress goes “boink.” Apparently, so do ultimate specials.

I might’ve said this already: Not A Villian is not my favorite webcomic. It ranks 4th. It IS, however, my favorite /original/ webcomic. (the other three are a story based on DnD, a collaborative project based on aforementioned DnD story, and a story of forbidden love.) The concept of an mmo being used as a legitimate means of financing your own life is more original alone than nearly everything out there – and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hacking being addictive, The Game… I will admit that the tantalizing hints are annoying, and the dialogue is a tad… Read more »

Ah, thanks! I will!


DnD? cool, whats it called? i play DnD with my brother and friends and i just love it.


Let me see if i can predict what happens.
1) the bandit starts acting like a complete fool, causing everybody to rescind their votes for him.
2) kleya wins the match (although i cant see how)
3) kleya doesn’t get in any trouble, since Hero Smiley doesn’t do any damage, and thus isn’t an attack special.
4) no idea, i just wanted to make a number 4

now watch me be COMPLETELY wrong, and look like a complete fool

Stig Hemmer

My guess: She is a hacker, not a fighter. This special doesn’t do damage, but triggers the “I won” routines in the opponent.

This causes the opponent to leave the fight. BUT, since the fight isn’t actually over, they will forfeit. (Or, if not leaving, some other action that causes disqualification)

My guess is you’re probably pretty close to on the money Pandaman…though it is still early in the storyline, so she may lose still, but it seems to be building up to a Bandit failure. Anyway, just wanted to say I’m still enjoying the comic, and yay for it making the top 3! I do have a comment to make about something for you to think about in future webcomics(I don’t think it would work with this one which is very story-driven). Some other webcomics I read, like Megatokyo and Looking for group, have a feeling similar to a sunday… Read more »