‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 59


It's actually an obscure, fine print rule, but the Bandit loves to exploit it. Unfortunately, Kleya doesn't appreciate being exploited...


And the incentive to vote is a different rendition of panel 3...

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EDIT: Apparently this incentive wasn't showing up. That should be fixed now!


um…the incentive didn’t change to the one you mentioned =(…and I wanted to see it!


Whoops! You should be able to see it now!


I think the Bandit forgot one of the cardinal rules of life. Never make a woman angry.


Ha ha! Very true!


You should never underestimate your opponent even when they are about to die, because it’s when your turn you back to gloat, they can then shove their foot up your backside.

PS: I’m enjoying the story so far, and looking forward to see how this all plays out.
I know you have your own plans for where the story will take us, but if possible I would eventually like to see what reality looks like now, for outsiders and citizens.


Yep, reality will have screen time. All three worlds (the Game, L.i.F.e., & reality) are important to the story. It’ll be a while, though!


That’s perfectly fine. I enjoy how different the art is for the two different worlds so far. Makes me wonder how you will project their reality.


By purposely showing his back to Kleya, Bandit is showing that he does not even see her as a threat. It`s just for his ego and his image.

Stig Hemmer

The Bandit is pandering to his fans. His gloating will increase his popularity. He thinks it is worth the added risk. It usually is, but I suspect that the Plot is with Kat(v6).