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It feels like he’d get a slap the way it builds up like that!


It’s hard to have cyber security when your motto is ‘f*** cyber security’ huh?

I’m so glad Bandit is giving her the benefit of doubt ^^


Those terrorists are still out there. We need to build a big firewall and implement a programmer ban, because they’re all hackers. Also the programmers will pay for the firewall. Alternatively we will cover it in solar panels, because it’s a wall of fire, so it will automatically pay for itself.




I’m beginning to think that Dr. Grace is a double agent.

kit ramos
well we don’t know just how quick she is to label someone a spy, though from the sounds of things it’s not to difficult if she was ready to hamstring The Due (Brandon) for stumbling across the portal while looking for something else. so it could be these other “spies” aren’t really and Dr Grace who isn’t quite as paranoid figured that much out. Also we don’t know what her Extra security measures are they could be way to overzealous and end up causing other problems that she’s not realizing would happen. I’d be guessing that is the case here.
kit ramos

I meant Dude not Due but by the time I noticed the typo it said I couldn’t edit the post.


Now I want to know, how the sentence about the virus was going to end.


Wonder if some people have discovered that the ‘virus’ is actually their infamous anti-hacker defense program. With a tendency to overdo it sometimes and is an AI construct.

Her other issue is every one thinks she intentionally planned the end of the world and so naturally being an evil world ender, is plotting to do it again. Not that knowledge of it being an accident would make her any less hated for it.


I think she just got fingered buy this “director” we have yet to see.
Possibly an easy scapegoat as she probably did set D(aka the virus) into a defensive mode when she was being targeted for making herself a floating cyborg.
Or she set D(aka the virus) loose on the world and it took it a little while to learn how not to break everything…

Dragon Master

IIRC they think D is the Virus.

Kevin Starwaster

Is that just wishful thinking because he wants her to be innocent?
Or does he KNOW that someone else used her backdoors to hack her virus?

Does Jake know who…?


GAHH!! flkhsfalfjckljdnfeqmosdfon… great page!!!
Yay plot!
yay it possibly not being (all) Kat’s fault that the world ended!

Isa Lumitus

It’s off topic, but I have a prediction: Bloody Mary is the mother of that other friend of Kleya’s. You know, the one with the last name of Lilly?

Both outsiders, both are parents. Mary/Jane has someone “about to die”, while whoever Lilly girl is sick and spends her life in a Kido.

At the very least, it doesn’t conflict with what we know.


That would be pretty cool, but I’m not too sure about it. If the Lily family had a Kido, I’d imagine that the “about to die” girl would use it, but we know that she doesn’t because she can’t use her left hand in the game, something that wouldn’t be a problem with a neural interface found in a Kido.

Again though, I’m making a few assumptions there.

Isa Lumitus

Perhaps I’m mistaken. I didn’t think that the kidos stopped you from moving your body. Thus why you have to be locked into one like a coffin. And the fact that Kleya levitates in the middle of the room to use hers.

Well, either way, this is now something that will only be resolved by Word of God.


Yes it is obviously her mother who also caused the end of world. Mother had a “dead man’s switch” which ended world if she died. Only the father/president can save us now from the evil of women!

Just a bit of a theory, but I was wondering… perhaps Kleya’s father used her obsession with winning and her desire to impress him in order to convince/trick/con her into putting the world into the state it is now (though perhaps he didn’t want it to go so far, and also perhaps geological events had already happened coincidentally – though I’m all for the idea that she and/or him used large-scale machinary to essentially terraform the planet to be inhospitable) with the goal of making people more reliant on the game, and either directly, or by proxy, his work. It’d… Read more »