Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 58


He should have gone for the hands...


And in an alternate universe, this might have happened instead (it's a quick sketch):

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OUCH! That headbanging just hurts. Whatever will Kleya do? Hehehe…Flick.


im starting to love this comic more and more…and why? it got head bashing lol


Man, that must hurt DX
But lol at the voting incentive XD


Yeah, it hurt quite a bit…but at least she doesn’t have to worry about it still hurting tomorrow! lol

And I’m glad you liked the voting incentive! Thanks!


He doesn’t really need sight when his target has so much difficulty just moving. Too bad for him that allowing specials is quite the double-edged sword. Also i want to say that the action sequences are getting much better. Much less dull. However, I hope we get a little time away from Death Match after this fight so we can get some more development on a deeper level, not to say that the Death Match is a bad thing.


Thanks! I’m glad the fighting scenes are getting better – I’m getting better at drawing people in fighting moves 🙂

And don’t worry. They’ll be quite a bit of development once this fight is over!


Also, panel 2: She should be glad she doesn’t have nuts…if avatars even have genitalia. It would be weird to have to draw your own…