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I don’t know….I’ve never heard anyone say “the fools!” who wasn’t evil :/


“I will show them the way, show them that I am a true villain” XD


Dunno I’ve heard “The fools!” said a lot on tv about Trump and his people..

The Crimson F*cker

So? We can have multiple evils. It’s the US government/media.

Ace Attorney

The Foolish Fools of a Fool! I’m certain Kim will whip them into shape…

Rowen Morland

I say that a lot… >.>

martin leske

ty for the page
talking to yourself? or are you being… watched?


If I recall correct, Page 383 was the most recent time we’ve seen L.I.F.E. It was a bit hard to tell before we saw this page because of L.I.F.E.’s intentionally boring style, but the art has really improved.


Or at least Bandit’s hair has.


I see Kim is playing the pronoun game.
Unless “they” is supposed to be everyone who isn’t Tenka.


I do believe that second part is correct. Sounds to me like she is referring to the public or at least non-Tenka run city leader.


There might be a specific group of people who just aren’t one single person…


Huh. So it’s that time of the month again.


If you remember from the black-out, Dr Grace and his group (whoever they are) run Tenka City (?) and not Tenka for who Kim works/leads.