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I don’t think you mean “recipient” – that means it was sent TO The Dude.


Why would anyone read a message he sent himself? Or answer a message without reading it?


I was wondering if there are any updates on the 3rd novel. Now that you do the coloring again, does that mean you have more or less time?
Did you get my proof-reading E-Mails?

@comic: The Dude is the recipient? Isn’t he the sender?
I expect Bandit to just call Kim, Dimitri and Grace all at once to get it over with. And then he’ll get himself some prozac and go to bed. 🙂


Who doesn’t sometimes think of ending the world? Not Bandit.


So back when the power went out in TENka City, who was the guy Jake talked with about needing a cane?


That is exactly what I was thinking about. I was under the impression that that old guy was Bandit AFK.

Nikary Flare

The guy was named Walter, and I don’t think we know much beyond that about him.

Also, Walter is significantly older than Jake (Bandit) or Brandon (Dude).

martin leske

ty for the page
want to know what the dude means with “perks”…
and i like the look of him in panel 4 😉

Craig Rawe

I’d assume perks for a city dweller would include use of a Kido to access LiFe (and/or the Game), hence he can’t meet up with Jake.


Yay, finally got round to setting up a Patreon account. Finally I can start supporting, and stop feeling guilty for using AdBlock. Feels better already!

Isa Lumitus

You could do what I do with Adblock. I’m not subscribed to any filters. Instead, I just blacklist things that particularly offend me. I figure if everyone did that, only the most obnoxious advertisers/websites would get hit in the pocketbook.

Then there are advertisers like Project Wonderful… I leave them alone because they’ve given me links to enough things I liked.


Or you could do the much safer thing and just white list only some web pages. Ie Artists.

Honestly I used one terminal, one time at work and now all of a sudden I see on google “So and So just bought X!”, “You just bought Y!” on every relating google search.

It’s best to only allow good sites and just keep it on elsewhere. Amazon, facebook, newegg, etc don’t need the wasted bandwidth on adverts. Especially those news sites with their auto playing videos 5 minutes and 20 new tabs later…


I generally follow Volk’s example – use ABP + list + Disconnect (trackers) + NoScript, but whitelist on all three services the couple of dozen webcomics I follow, plus Whateley Academy and an online fiction site (and on other sites with NoScript, selectively enable the minimum number of scripts needed to make the site work – many news sites run scripts from dozens of different domains simultaneously in their bid to make up for revenue lost due to declinining sales of their dead tree editions).

Isa Lumitus

I use no-script, too. By my standards, auto-playing videos are always offensive. But even with just ABP, it only takes a little bit before you’ve perma-banned the most irritating domains.

What I’d really like, though, is an adblocker that joined me into a voluntary botnet to DDoS the worst advertisers (the ones that load malware). Pay evil unto evil, and all that.


what’s kim and grace’s problems now?


The art quality in the L.i.f.e. segment has significantly improved. You’ve came a long way bro.


Aw, poor Dude XD