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And now we have grouchy eyes with the key-word: nice.
To her credit, after several years In the making, she’s finally stated her purpose, but it’s possible nobody will pick up on her statement.

Will Jake catch the statement for what it is?

Grouchy eyes are an improvement over her angry eyes she’s sported before when thinking nice, and we have the Dude to thank for that. Whatever else he is or does, the Dude seems to bring out the best in people.


To be fair, she also stated it pretty clearly here: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-238/


Wait, why is there an apostrophe on a plural for one Erbanas but not the other… .-.


…do Mortos get fireball specials? Could Kat make one for Danny? :>


Fireballs sound much more like a demoli thing since they’d not only be deadly but also destructive. Morto mage-types probably get things like magic missle, chain lightning, and other less destructive options. Maybe Phantasmal Killer?

Silly Thoughts
Kat liked making danni’s specials themed around danni’s skills, and all her skill builds are less aesthetic based and more function. Danni is essentially a dex type martial artist through her dance moves, though I could see boost effects like sword dance or even weather stuff like rain or sun dances, the only real way danni is getting a fireball is if she can persuade Kat that a hadouken would fit well into her dances. and then it still won’t be a fireball large enough others can’t dodge it from size like she seemed to want before. Though maybe a… Read more »

I think there is at least one kind of “Sword Dance”. Considering that we humans already mixed dancing and martial arts before, it is not that far fetched.


Who does not like Fireballs?
I mean aside from Kleya. And only because they are both easy and superflous in her life.


I really feel like Dani should be seriously considering Demoli, especially if she wants fireballs.


This isn’t the first time she’s stated it, only the first time she’s said it in the Game proper. It was also said many times during the Game Trials:


It was just said by her Special instead of herself.



? I’M NICE ?


“No. No Fireballs”. But she does not say what sand *can* do.

She knows. Doesn’t she :-).


Likely just a blinding cloud or something.


Well, duh. You need bat guano for fireballs.


Sand is coarse and gets everywhere. To semi-quote Star Wars.

You know, there are plenty of cool non-violent things out there. Afair some RPGs have a blinding spell that uses a sand-based animation.

But anyone who has seen Naruto knows that there are plenty of nasty things that can be done with sand. I wonder if there really is a “Desert Funeral” Special out there. Wrap your oppoents in sand and then squeeze hard. >_<


Ok one: I love the page
Two: expressions are great, especially kat with the annoyed look she had on the last panel
And three: this page was posted on my birthday, WHOO!


Don’t need fireballs. Sand in the eyes is a pretty effective deterrent. Hard sticks to the shins. Simply stomping on a foot. Or as one astute reader-of-comics put it, “A criminal with a gun has just as much power as most super-heroes.” Don’t have to have special powers to attack and defend. Just have to have smarts and guts. Ask Bruce Willis. 😀

Nathaniel - Vanilla

That First panel is for some reason very eye catching.
Second of all, Danni is so hooked on that fireball. Why doesn’t Kath just give her a special that allows her to dance a certain way that forms fire effects? So she could be like a flame dancer, dancers in other countries often use fire to enhance performances.


Fireballs are not nice. She is trying to be nice