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Paddy should have mentioned the “pockets don’t work” thing.


probably figured it was like when somebody asks for their avatar to have…like…a million zippers. just make the whole thing out of zippers. no cloth, only zippers all stitched together.


That is no a mater of computers, but a mater of game design.

I find it odd taht so many people readily accept that they can not breath underwater or one the moon, but have issues with the slightest limitations of computers/programm design.


Part of the problem that arises is that, as humans, we automatically think of things as “Like Real Life Unless Specified Otherwise” – A common line in writing – In other words, we know we can’t breath underwater or on the moon, but in Real Life we can do _________ so why can’t we do it here?


I feel like Kat is using an item duplication glitch…


Pockets don’t work?
Was it just to complicated to program customisable pocket space, or where they rendered redundant with backpacks and “bags of holding”?


Notice that Kat/Kleya already knows this. Has probably known this for a very, very long time, and gotten so used to it that it no longer gets questioned.

But still … you’re saying that the normal inventory space for characters in this game is two hands and nothing else? No belt loop? No pockets? Nothing in your socks/at your feet? No jigsaw puzzle of fitting shaped objects into a shaped storage space?(X-Com, old-school).

Turrosh Mak

I agree. This plot point requires more explanation. I can’t think of a single adventure game that has zero inventory, and I go all the way back to 1982 (Avalon Hill’s Telengard for the Commodore 64)


It will be in game item bags recognised by the system rather than aesthetics after all it makes the aesthetic fair game rather than utility based so one person doesn’t design their character with a giant back pack and pockets, straps or belts covering themselves after all every party needs a pack mule

Turrosh Mak

I feel I need to clarify. I understand that clothing pockets are not OFFICIAL BAG SPACE ™. If Kat is carrying items, it implies that her inventory is full (perhaps all her herbs got dumped into main inventory when her herb bag poofed). HOWEVER, this does not mean that Danni lacks inventory space to carry items for Kat. So, why can’t Danni put the sand in her inventory for Kat? The implication is that there is NO inventory, which needs to be addressed.


Mwah-hah-hah-ha. I’ve seen fake pockets on womens’ clothing in real life.


well if anyone had pockets the erbana special would be less valuable

Dragon Master

Well, yes and no. The Erbana special is “a bottomless bag”. Most game inventory have a max amount they can hold, thus the Erbana special would still be very valuable. However as I understand it the bag only holds plants and other such material.


I know that feel Danni, FAKE POCKETS ARE THE WORST ;n;


Best comment.
The fake pocket feels are real.


Given the difficulty level of so many other things that ARE implemented, I doubt that this limitation had anything to do with the difficulty of implementing pockets.

It seems much more likely that it was a deliberate design choice. If I were to guess, perhaps it has something to do with balance, and controlling the amount of advantage / disadvantage of other features and benefits.


Such a horrible flaw that should be updated.


Hey Aneeka, is there something going on with the shipping out of the kickstarter items? I got my book and my mug, but I didn’t get my wall scroll. Is that separate?

Also, I can see improvements with each comic, you’re doing great. 🙂

Nathaniel - Vanilla

I’m not Aneeka, but she said that wall scrolls will be shipped separately and that she would be shipping them sometime between April and May. It was in an update/email she sent out.


Ah thank you! I must not have seen that email.


i thought you didn’t need much of a percentage to get the bottomless bag. or is it cause they lost their esone?


Lost the esone= No Specials
Bottomless Bag= Special
Lost he esone= No Bottomless Bag


But… pocket sand!?


The coloring looks especially nice on this page.

Longtime Reader

Another reason the audience doesn’t like Danni so much. They can’t hear what Kat’s whispering to Danni. It just looks like Danni’s replying to herself for no reason.


I get not having pockets. I am confused by a lack of inventory space

Sonja Nachtbringer

I love these reaction shots.