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11 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 567"

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I like how he simply says, that the dude doesn`t even have a chance against the AI controlling her.


Though, real question there would be….is the AI that good, or Dude that bad? (Think it falls under “questions that are probably funnier left answered”…)

Hey Aneeka, I like your story. And I like how you still seem to enjoy every part of the creation of it, possibly with the exception of feet!? I’m no artist, but it seems like you could scrunch your rectangular dialog boxes a little bit more and keep more of your scenery. I think the rectangular boxes need a smaller border between the edge and the text because they tend to match the text shape more closely. Hope to see more of D, with more technical / historical expose. (pretend I put an accent on that last work so that… Read more »

Ah the layout on this is such a treat. *cries* you’ve grown so much! (art)


Don’t get too excited. We’re returning to LIFE soon.

I seem recall something being said a long time back that Aneeka does not actually draw the art for the Game herself. Would the author care to confirm that?


I wonder if we will get to see what Kat can see about the situation (which is potentially everything about it).

So, I kinda expected there to be other AIs in the world, so that part doesn’t surprise me. What does (interest may be a more applicable term) surprise me is that the one “assigned” to their group is better than average. I have to wonder if that is a result of Tenka meddling or Sandra being that tenacious. It could be a combination of the two. Another possibility is that groups with new players are assigned better AIs to give the new guys a better shot, or, extending that line of reasoning, that Tenka decided an entirely new group was… Read more »
The Crimson F*cker

Well, the AI is probably more like the Mass Effect VI than a true AI.

Then again, that’s just my theory. Most stories don’t actually mean a true AI when they say AI.


I believe my point still stands. Why would they get one of the better ones?

Also, I seem to recall a discussion in which it was pointed out that D, despite being a very powerful and versatile program, does not have free will and there was some dissension as to whether he was a true AI. I could be remembering that incorrectly though…


The way that they’re talking about how whether she views them as enemies or not and all that malarky about her randomly attacking them seems to indicate that the AI’s actions are based off of the person it’s filling in for. I don’t think it’d be a stretch to assume that it is assigned based on skill level or stats, or recently recorded history of the player it is replacing.