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She… already logged out, didn’t she?


I’m gonna go with yes XD


Or maybe she has logged out already while they were talking. Either-or.


Sorry Jane, it’s not that we don’t trust you, but we don’t trust you.


Hehe Jane is probably logged out since the Start of the argument xD

martin leske

looks tell more then 1000 words


Either Jane is logged out, or she’s about to go nuclear and hit the team at its weakest. Or maybe something happened in real life and she has an emergency. Something tells me there is more to Jane than meets the eye… and she’s probably not as evil as everyone thinks she is.


I get the feeling that she’s like Kat, living outside the cities, or whatever. But not as lucky, all things considered.


Bandit seems entirely too happy to be on watch. Are we sure we should trust him?


Honestly, I’d rather have Jane on watch. Better to know for sure that she’s going to try to kill you than to trust the idiot who has already killed two of your teammates “on accident” (if you are trusting) or deliberately (if you aren’t). At least Jane is relatively reliable.

Jane cannot have logged out at the start of this — she was giving a nursery rhyme response to the “you killed them all” accusation. So, the only possible watchers are the two TENka people, and TENka is basically being accused of taking over the game, with new rules for specials that only they understand, with Jane apparently saying that her real-life family is under threat from TENka, … Who really won that hacker war? Who really started it, and why? Did TENka actually control the hacking and manipulate what resulted for their benefit? Are we actually seeing the ultimate… Read more »

Fun Fact. The nursery rhyme she quoted actually refers to the way profit from wool was divided. I forget the original words, but it was basically 1/3rd for the Lord who owned the land, 1/3rd for the Clergy, and 1/3rd for the farmer who owned the sheep. None for the little boy on the lane, who was the shepard.

Yet, her teammates had no wool and were therefore, “worthless”. If she is the shepard forced to kill her sheep, who might have profitted?


I like that Danni is coming out of her shell to be the team’s resident cat-herder. She has a good verbal strong-arm, and combined with the Dude’s libra-esque charm they might have a chance of actually being able to coordinating things.

Dragon Master

LOL I like it, “cat herder” pretty accurate description if you ask me.


If someone doesn’t make a “kat-herder” joke within the next-

oh… sorry, I’ll leave now.


/me looking at profiles…
“I see grey people…”


Just got my Kickstarter rewards. I would take a picture of the awesome new skin for my phone, but I can’t really take a picture of my phone, with my phone.
I didn’t think this out.


she already logged out, left her character just “sleeping” standing up with it’s eyes open


I know everyone’s saying she’s logged out, and that makes sense, but what if she’s just PRETENDING to be logged out so that when the others log out she can kill them? TENka revenge mode!