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16 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 565"

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I was just reminded of my D&D group, where everyone ended up arguing who should be on watch for so long the GM finally threw up his arms and said “The sun begins to rise! Also you are all Fatigued!”


He should have mentioned something like “You trolls are turned to stone while the hobbit watches — sorry, wrong party” 🙂


Both of these comments deserve upvotes


Well, to be fair the “Guarding” part of “being the Guard” is not quite Dudes specialty.


Awwwww <3


I really like that Dani is actually being assertive here for once.

Scott McCarthy

I think she can be when she knows what he is doing/talking about, but most game scenarios are things she is clearly the newbie in a group of experts.


Indeed, she was pretty assertive the first time we saw her.

Aidan Kocherhans

Do you think they can give each other their esones? If so, I think Kat should ask Bandit for his esone so she can keep watch


It occurs to me that the Dude may not be what he seems. That portal appeared awfully conveniently, then disappeared. The same way falling out of the tree was convenient. Maybe he’s really a hacker?


He *does* work for Tenka after all.

A Nonny Mouse

Nah, he’s not a hacker. He’s just got the ‘Prince of Serendip’ achievement for maxing ‘Luck’.


“Kat might have a grudge.”

Yeah, that’s right. She’s never lost in her entire life! And Bandit killed her. That’s not going to help the shipping.


Are you kidding? He’s lucky she doesn’t shut down Tenka city, just because she knows he would suffer.
If I were him, I would never sleep again, for fear of waking up with my eyelids sewn to the pillow.


Hey the gears at finally turning for what he guided himself into in panel 4

Sue Donym

I’m confused as to why Kat could watch but Danni can’t-did’t Kat also lose her esone? Is it just because she’s not useless with her plants, as Bandit pointed out?