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18 Comments on "‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 564"

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Dude, not cool! And not funny. You HAVE seen her perform, at least for part of the action. I know you can do better than that.

As for rabbits, my first thought was “Holy Grenade” and my second thought was “Ka-Click”. 😀


I never even thought of Bun-Bun… but would he be an NPC?


…there’s the obvious answer of leaving Bandit on watch…


Rabbits are vicious?

I’m not sure to expect Monty Python or Bugs Bunny.


Obviously Dany should stay on watch. Just give her the quest to “keep the group safe while they’re here” or something like that. The person on watch stay connected if I understood correctly? That would make things perfect. Dany get to stay in the game, familiarize herself with it, possibly dance though the increased gravity would make that risky…


It would be brilliant if not for the fact that she’s in no way able to protect the group right now because she’s not familiarized enough with the Game. She already has enough trouble with the really easy stuff like walking, leaving her alone on guard could be quite dangerous for them all.

Given the time, though, when she’s used to this world, it would indeed be perfect.


She can not gain Alignment XP without a Esone. She is also still hurt.


Are rabbits in the game anything like the Monty Python one? XD


it is going to be The Dude, isn’t it?


Almost certainly. He gets to use his Special based on extreme violence and when everyone logs back in the cave will be red with blood and everyone (both in-comic and in-comment) can be all “WTF?”

I like the rabbit phrase. In Newerinternights 2 I played in a persistent world (basically Roleplay focused server) and my mage once wanted to rest in the hills and nearly got killed by a rabbit. They had so extrem attack and dodge boni, that my character was not able to hit them and I had to flee to survive. After that I allways talked about the evil that lurks in the hills, the bloodthirsty rabbit. The other characters thought the mage was insane or something along that. Until the day, one of them jumped down a mountain to attack the… Read more »

This page made me laugh out loud!


weeeell, if I remember correctly, she have no esones, so she don’t need to stick to her herbana route… but yeah, I think dude will be the one staying up

Other reader

Sure, except she doesn’t try to be pacifist to have 100% Herbana, she goes for 100% Herbana to be as effective as possible while being pacifist (“BE NICE”).
So, not having to stick to the Herbana route doesn’t really mean she has more options(*), while not having an esone does limit her.
(*)There may be some Herbana limitations that have nothing to do with “being nice”, but given her current grasp of what it means to be nice, it might be too soon to expect her to recognize those on her own.
Or not.


The perspective looks really good on this page (especially that last panel!)


Sounds like there’s something of a story here, one I’m very curious about now. ^.^


Betting the audience is loving the terrifyng Erbana, tbh. xD


“Blaa, blaa, dead mates,
“Had they any wool?
“No sir, no sir!”
Four dead fools