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Looks like Jane doesn’t feel like waiting until everyone’s asleep this time…

Nikary Flare

I wonder why did she keep killing them over and over… wouldn’t one kill for each have been enough to draw attention? Even with the fear of revenge, she still had Esones and a chance to explain herself…

Or maybe… was she asked to take the team out by some autorities? Was her ban pre-planned before she slaughtered her comrades? *conspiracy theories*


Revenge is neither reasonable nor limited.
“When you plan revenge, dig two graves.”


She dug 4 graves though this time around. 7 if you count her and her super creepy dolls of evil.

Why did she kill them over and over? Read Dude’s comment – “to get rid of all their esones” – essentially all their extra lives. Why didn’t she try to explain herself? Something is telling me that Jane discovered TENka (or someone affiliated with them) was doing something to her (and/or those she cares about) IRL and, realizing that she might not be believed or allowed to talk, she retaliated in the only way she knew would draw some form of attention. Why would she go to such extremes and not confront TENka? Two of Jane’s comments to Kat keep… Read more »

Interesting ideas about motivations.

I wonder, is it also possible that a character can be hacked and subverted? Could someone (TENka) take over a character and make it act in ways that discredit the player? I wonder if a “frame job” could take on new possibilities in a virtual world where it might be possible to take a character for a spin.

Not claiming this is what happened. Just musing about possibilities.


Oooh yeah good question


So, who exactly has to logout? Apparently they’re allowed to post a guard, so not all 5 have to logout, right? Can Kat be the guard? Because I bet some interrogator will do a Kat-call soon… sigh, yeah, I didn’t find a better way to make that pun. I tried. 🙁

Panel 1 is really pretty. Well, all of them are, but Panel 1 sticks out.


I wonder whether Jane is going to attempt to defend herself in any way. And if that defense will take the form of actually explaining anything or just the usual mangled (but awesome) nursery rhymes. She’s not an idiot; I’m curious what her rationale was, and whether she thinks being banned was worth it.

I am thinking Jane was fine and trustworthy… until something unexpected and terrible happened in real life that made her turn against the game. It was so awful that her only thought was to totally destroy. Kill and kill again. It resulted in her banishment… but now she’s back with a vengeance, and ready to finish the job. But she’s developed some begrudging respect for Kat. May even have figured out who Kat is and admires her for taking down the system. If that’s so, then Kat is safe, and Mary may decide the rest of the team is valuable… Read more »

What gave you the impression Jane knows anything about Kat? They’ve barely spoken at all.


‘Cos if Jane is anything, she’s smart. She observes. She’s seen how Kat functions– and Kat beat her in the trials using methods only a highly experienced player would even conceive. People like Jane tend to be very astute and draw their observations silently.


There’s just one problem with your theory… actually, there are several, but one big one: Kat lost to Jane. Remember? If Kat had won, she would be the team leader.

Besides, there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Jane knows Kat’s identity.


I will bets a cookie she does. A chocolate one!


Ah. Failed memory. Not unusual as the plot gets more complex. But, minor issue; is all conjecture : )
I think Bandit is really a muppet and they will all soon see the previously invisible hand up his hiney. 😀


I will also bet a virtual cookie that Jane has at least a HINT who Kat is. A chocolate one. : )

Dragon Master

LOL I have to say for a moment there I thought that was Kat in the 3rd panel.


Just got the PDF for the last volume. I loved the explanation story! So funny!

Leo Orionis

It’s true, you draw a little bit better all the time. It’s one of the things I like about this comic.


Where she’s made the most progress though, it’s with the backgrounds. It’s astounding how they evolved.


Hmm, the plot thikens:
“They are killing my children”:

“I don’t want that portal”:

“Out of nowhere”:
this page.


The one thing that doesn’t make sense in this game is the logout concept. Why is it not a game rule that logged out characters become “ghosts” and cannot be harmed? In most games when one is logged out, their character does not remain in-world. Not to say there haven’t been some really goofy game rules in the history of gaming. This just seems a very odd situation– people logged out yet vulnerable. That alone would be enough to drive a gamer to insanity. ;D


Apparently the AI handles them? But yeah this is weird. Maybe they were trying for more realism?


a) Jane wants to get Kat to join up with Sandra (and presumedly, herself). Just because they all know she’s a super programmer (“Hacker” except that’ll get one killed.)
b) Jane’s team was going to be replaced by Tenka. Killing all the others didn’t do anything that wouldn’t have happened anyway.
c) By killing the entire team, it left a void that had to be replaced by 5 players, hence the big deathmatch, which allowed Jane to get back in along with the expected Tenka ‘pets’.


Point C had not occurred to me. Very clever.

Autumn Fyre

Somehow I feel that there’s more to the story than that.
Also, what the heck it going on with Kat’s reaction in the third panel?

Jarod Leutri

That isn’t Kat, it is one of Bloody Mary’s teammates. The reaction is the AI responding to being attracted/killed.


Holy guacamole.