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So they need to log out AND need to put someone on watch? So they can be attacked even while offline? That’s so cruel. And if they log out, then why is there a problem with putting Jane on guard, if her avatar just automatically handles random encounters? Can she program her avatar to hurt her own people why away? So, if they log out, are they asleep in the game and only one can stand guard? Do the characters actually need sleep or is this just like in other RPGs where people heal HP and MP while resting? Also… Read more »

Love the references links 🙂


Did you forget to put the speaker colors around the whispers?

Craig Rawe

think they might be thoughts rather than whispers??


They’re thought bubbles dude.


They’re thoughts.


Btw: Regarding keeping watch, I just had to think of a different adventurer group who also had this kind of problem:

Bandit is Haley
Jane is Belkar
Dude is Elan
Danni is Roy, because she’s the only serious character in this group of maniac goofballs.
And Kat as the (future) healer is Durkon

Also get well soon, Aneekya! I know you are a tough, sturdy, powerful woman, so you will be up again in no time!

Evilbob dA

What. No love for Vaarsuvius? Poor elf gets no love


Yeah, one of them had to be the odd one out and nobody in Kat’s group is an intellectual. 🙁
Even worse: S/he has a plant-based spell that would make Kat explode:


“She”? Isn’t it a long running gag that V’s gender is intentionally ambiguous?


Yes, which is why I did not write “She”. 😉 I wrote “S/he”.

Silly Thoughts

Huh she even knows that the trees here are evil and might be out to get them trully she is “Durkon” personified


Yes, indeed. 🙂


your comics art is really improving. keep it up.