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Gotta love the choices in face parts shown in the last split wheel. Mary and Bandit probably knew about this or at least were ready, Danny and Kat didn’t… and Dude maybe did know but is definitely playing the part of someone who didn’t.

Dragon Master

Yoi sure? Kat looks more annoyed than surprised. But then again, annoyance seems to be her default expression.(not that I blame her in the slightest) xD


can’t wait to see what their ratings are!


Out of time, or part of a strategy? It seems too well timed to be just the clock running up. What better way to keep viewers interested than cut out right after they go through a random portal that shouldn’t exist.


It seems more like a command from Jane (in whisper form) than a game prompt.


The shock on Dude’s face and Kat’s eye roll works seem to support your theory. They age both experienced layers and should not be surprised by a routine logout…


I expect its down to you not being able to mention the ‘game’ in game ..


Well, that session did take about 6 months. So, yeah, maybe they should log off now.


Danni is the classic new roleplayer struggling with player/ character separation…


Actually, the instruction from Game Leader came right as two players — including one experienced one — are referring to the game as a game, breaking the fourth wall.

Jane is smart enough to know what that would do to the ratings.

… Oh no, this really is “modern TV”.


Or it could be that only Jane is having a required logout. The others look somewhat startled. Are they logging out too? Time will tell!


My guess – the order is from Tenka because it is a non-standard portal to a place is does not want them.


Y’know, I’d watch Danny. Just the sense of wonder and discovery as she learns things about the game. Also the brutally honest snark. ^^